Surviving the Madness


The Ramadaan Shoebox Project

This morning while going through Insta Stories in bed, I came across a very cool project called the Ramadaan Shoebox Project. It’s like the Santa Shoebox Project but the beneficiaries are underprivileged Muslim kids who get them for Eid. The objective behind the Ramadaan Shoebox Project is to create a personalised gift for a specific child. The donor is given the age and gender of the child. The donor is responsible for decorating a shoe box and filling it with a list of items that  ...

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My kids favourite books this March

It’s so important that my kids have a love for reading because it just opens up so many worlds for them. As I child I spent hours with my nose buried in a book. Transported on adventures with the Secret Seven or off gallivanting with Jo, Bessie and Fannie up the Faraway Tree. Reading is  ...

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Our homeschool routine

I am not the kind of person who wakes up and gets things done before my kids wake up. Mostly because they have kept me up all night and I will sleep until the very second I have to get up. So our routine is a very relaxed one because with two little ones, you need to be flexible. Things  ...

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