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Why Pregnancy Sense is the best book if you’re expecting

Preggy brain is a very real thing. Just as a regular human I am a los kop (I mean, the amount of jerseys and sunglasses I’ve lost over the years!), so porridge brain is really not helping my case in every aspect of my life. The latest thing to earn me the Mommy Fail award happened just this past Friday. You see, it was Spring Hat Day at school and I forgot. I sent The Munchkin off to school with no hat and I cried when I realised. Luckily teachers account for idiot parents like me and  ...

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Why I didn’t love Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Guys, this is weighing heavily on me because I worship at the alter of JK Rowling (relax Mommy, I’m only joking!) but I did not love Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I mean, I have all the books and movies, the house pins, I’ve been sorted into my House (Hufflepuff and proud!) and I’ve even got the mug to prove it! My awesome Hufflepuff mug that my dearest @zeekalla brought me from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'm the happiest Hufflepuff there ever was! A  ...

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Kids Book Club Giveaway

{COMPETITION CLOSED} We’ve really been enjoying the little surprises we get from the Kids Book Club every month.   There’s not been a month that The Munchkin doesn’t love whatever he’s been sent. He gets sent one educational type book and one fun book – although to me at this age every book is educational.   Too in love with his latest book from the #KidsBookClub this month! 😂😂 @samomblogs A video posted by Zayaan Schroeder (@zayaan27) on Nov 14, 2015  ...

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Thank God for the Kids Book Club

This past weekend I was down with the flu. I was not in any shape to be entertaining the The Munchkin and I really couldn’t deal with the fact that he was awake and jumping on me at 6am. On a Saturday. So I plonked him in front of the TV and had a lie down in peace. Until he came marching back into the room with a whole packet of Tennis biscuits for breakfast. Deciding that his parents were in no shape to feed him, he went on and foraged for himself. Biscuits of course. Not my best  ...

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