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Baby essentials I didn’t use with my 2nd kid

Becoming a mother the second time around I was a lot more chilled because I knew what to expect. Even though Rushdi was a relatively easy baby (aside from the constant vomiting), we still got ALL THE THINGS, because that is just the thing you do when you’re a first time parent. You just don’t know what you’re going to need. But now that Daariya is essentially a toddler, I’ve had time to reflect over the last two years about all the baby essentials we didn’t  ...

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Miraj Stories is an amazing Islamic app for kids + a Giveaway!

We live in a world that is far more technology driven than the one we grew up in. Cellphones, computers and tablets are just so much a part of our children’s lives and they’re so adept at operating them. Even Daariya knows how to operate Netflix on my phone. She’s not even TWO YET!!! Wow.  If you look in the app stores, there are so many apps for kids but to be quite honest, not all of them are the best. So the apps that I’ve downloaded for the kids have to be both  ...

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Best Buy: Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup

With Rushdi we went through so many damn sippy cups and while every single one of them claimed to be spill-proof, there seemed to be nothing that was Rushdi-proof. So when it was Daariya’s time to be introduced to solids and water, I did not want a repeat of having my Tupperware cupboard spilling over with unused sippy cups. Like with the baby carrier we ended up choosing, I researched the heck out of sippy cups. We did baby-led weaning with Daariya and the recommendation that came up  ...

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My First Bananagrams is a fun way to improve your child’s spelling

Rushdi has got to the age where he wants to try playing board games. We got sent a Monopoly and I thought we’d try it out learning all about money and buying things but, well, that was a shit show. Money flying everywhere, complaining when I had to pay him rent for a property he owned and also Daariya tried to eat everything. So I thought I’d try something a little more on his level: My First Bananagrams. What is My First Banangrams? It’s the kids version of the original  ...

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