Surviving the Madness


Happy 6 months to The Potato!

Today our little poekenoeks is 6 months old! A whole half a year and the next thing you know we’ll be celebrating The Potato’s first birthday and wondering where the heck the time went. We’re actually already wondering that because she’s really her own little person already. So I thought I’d do a quick catch up on how she’s doing. She’s currently sick at the moment. Just the common cold, but for a baby the common cold is rather junk seeing as  ...

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Our First Time to Bugz Playpark

Let’s travel back in time for a bit because I’ve not been very good at maintaining this blog. With two kids my time is just so limited! Anyway, a few Saturday’s ago we got up early because we had been invited to spend the day at Bugz Playpark. Do you think we left the  ...

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Monthly Favourites

January Favourites

  You know, I thought it would be easier to blog while on maternity leave because of all this time I have (hahahaha). Also, my January favourites is being published two days later than I wanted because I have not one, but two snotty, coughing kids to care for. I wish y’all could see  ...

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