My name is Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee and welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. I’ve been a digital content producer for 8 years for but I needed a place to work through my own personal journey as a new mother. This blog started when The Munchkin was 4-months-old and I finally came out of the haze that was maternity leave. It was a way for me to connect with other mothers going through the same things and 3 years on that has not changed.

Much like myself this is a hodge-podge of things mostly parenting because The Husband and I welcomed our son in 2013. He’s growing to be a spirited and funny little man and this blog documents a lot of that journey: the amazing highs, the very low lows, the tantrums, his development and everything in between.

In 2016 we welcomed our daughter to the world. She’s such a joy and one hell of a chill baby but it’s still been quite an adjustment for us all.

But guys, guess what?! I’m more than just a mum! So you’ll find this blog peppered with things that I love from books to movies and TV, recipes and food, technology, gaming and just general geekery. (I was about to list my fandoms but then we’d be here all day and who has time for that? – not me!)

I also share reviews of things that I love and things that we’ve found helpful on our parenting journey. I also have a Monthly Favourites series where, like Maria von Trapp, I tell you about all of my favourite things for that month from food, media, beauty products and kid things.

So if you love all things geeky, parenting and just listening to a mad woman trying to survive her toddler and newborn then you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you do then please subscribe to the blog below.


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