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What’s on my Black Friday wishlist

Sjoe, guys, how lucky are you? Three blog posts in one week. Almost like I’m being  productive or something. 

South Africa really seems to be getting into all things American. From Halloween to Black Friday. Now some people take issue with this but I don’t have the energy to hate on something when I have two children who are already taking up my brain space. And stores are having massive sales.

My only annoyance are with shops who claim to be having Black Friday sales with their 10% or 25% off. Those are not Black Friday sales. Please don’t even. Black Friday sales are like 50-70% off. 

Before kids I would often shop Amazon’s Black Friday specials because they shipped to SA and I still have a whole lot on that list. But more and more things are available in SA and so many SA stores are jumping on board, which makes my poor pocket happy. 

But to avoid buying ALL THE THINGS, I’ve made a list of the things I want or need and I set a budget of how much I’m willing to spend on them to avoid over spending. 

I have no idea if any of these will even be on special or where but I’m hoping they will be. So here’s what I’m hoping to get today:

Canon G7x mark II or EOS M10

Black Friday_Canon

I’ve really want to start making videos but I hate my DSLR for this. It’s so big and bulky and I rarely reach for it anymore. So I’m seriously thinking about selling it and upgrading to one of these. The G7x is first prize but according to Sam Wright over at TechGirl, the M10 is a great entry level camera and it has everything I’m looking for.

Rowdy bag

Black Friday_Rowdy tote

I’ve been eyeing these leather bags for a while now and they’re actually pretty decently priced as is. My dad has the backpack and I’m hoping to get the Tote Variation in Rich Wax Brown.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Illustrated Edition

This book was JUST released so I’m not sure if it will be on special. But a girl can hope! I mean, just look at these two beautiful covers!!

Erin Condren accessories

Black Friday_Erin CondrenI was so stupid and really should’ve waited for Black Friday to buy my Life Planner. But c’est la vie. So I’ve put some accessories on my wishlist and seeing as this is an American store I’m hoping for some good specials.

FitBit Charge 2

Black Friday_Fitbit

Ever since being home with the kids I’ve noticed just how unfit I am. I’ve started to work out a bit at home and I think a FitBit will really help me with this.

Mamakids Backseat Mirror

Y’all, I hate how pixelated this picture is but there are no good ones available online!

The Potato hates being rear-facing in the back seat and it doesn’t help that her brother tends to annoy the heck out of her. So I’m hoping Takealot has these on special tomorrow so she can see herself and whoever is driving can see her.

Kenwood Food Processor

Our food processor broke a while back and life has been hard y’all! Zain wants to get one of them Bosch Kitchen Machines but honestly we don’t have the space for it. My mom has this Kenwood which I’ve used it a few times and I love it. It’s compact, sturdy and does the job. Makro has in on special for R999 at the moment.

Presents for Zain’s birthday

Pic for cuteness

I can’t say what these are because they will spoil the surprise when he reads this. But I have a few things on my lists to get him for his birthday in December. Some of them might seem boring but my husband is a very practical man.

Have you guys scored any Black Friday deals? Tell me about them or what you’re hoping to get. I feel like I probably forgot something


  1. Elaine

    December 19, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Did you get your Rowdy bag, and what do you think of it? I just got the same as you wanted.

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      December 20, 2017 at 8:14 am

      I didn’t get it yet but it’s sitting in my cart! What do you think of it?

      1. Elaine

        December 24, 2017 at 2:26 pm

        It is a beautiful bag, well made and can fit a lot into it. The only thing I would say, is that on the website pics it looks more structured than it is in real life :-/

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