Welcoming The Peanut to the world


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Aaaaand, It’s a girl!

The weeks leading up to The Peanut’s birth were very stressful. We had been relocated to my parents house because of a mould situation in our bedrooms and we needed to replace the flooring. It’s been trying to say the least but we managed to get it all sorted a few days before baby arrived.

We wanted to spend our last Sunday as a family of 3 together but it didn’t work out that way at all because the second bedroom still needed finishing off. The day before The Munchkin was born, The Husband and I had a date day. Unfortunately we couldn’t have one as a family of 3. Which I am a bit sad about.

Also, my phone died two days before I was meant to check into hospital. Have you ever left your phone at home for the day and felt like  a limb was missing? Try being without one for almost a week AND then still being in hospital unable to communicate with your husband or anyone really. What a pain in the butt!

But anyway…

Up the river without a phone

On Tuesday night we dropped The Munchkin off at his grandmother and aunt’s house. He was very excited to have a sleepover with his cousin. He waved me off very happily. We had been preparing him for weeks telling him that mommy would be going to the hospital to fetch the baby, so he was quite okay.

We checked in at around 10pm because on top of it all I had forgotten The Munchkin’s antibiotics, nappies and my pillow at home. I was already a nervous ball of emotions so I ended up crying and The Husband went back to get the stuff.

I was in a ward with two other moms who had already had their babies and were due to go home the next day. I really had forgotten just what a newborn cry sounds like until they wheeled one of the babies in that night. I’m just used to the savage wailing and screaming of a 3-year-old – so it was quite a shock to remember.

Also being without a phone meant that I had no idea what the hell time it was at any given point. It was honestly the worst thing. I tried scrolling through the TV channels hoping that one of the news channels would have the time on. I eventually stumbled across a radio channel that told me it was 3am.

But it wasn’t because not 5 minutes later a nurse came in to say that it was 5:30am and I needed to get ready to go up to the labour ward! Thanks TV!

The Husband said he would be there at 6am but because traffic was apparently a nightmare he only got to me at 7. Please remember I am without a phone, nervous to my stomach for the amount of needles I’m about to experience and I have no idea where the hell my husband is. All the poor nurses were trying to comfort and distract me but honestly I was on the verge of tears.

Here comes The Peanut

While we were waiting to be wheeled in, my gynae came in to talk me through the procedure and then the head nurse came in to put in my drip. Good Lord! It was the most painful thing. And then I pulled away so it came out and she had to re-do it. Lekker!

The anesthetist came in next and asked a bunch of questions about my health and medical history and I had to sign a form basically saying that I understood that there was a chance it could all go to hell. I am being very dramatic here.

For some inexplicable reason I was far more nervous this time around because I think I knew what was coming. The head nurse held me as the anesthetist first administered the local numbing shot and then the spinal. My bum started to feel warm and my body got heavy so they lay me down. I had pins and needles in my legs and feet and all I wanted to do was move them but I couldn’t and then I wanted to cry again.

It took them a bit longer to get baby out this time because well, I’ve picked up weight in the last 3 years and there were more layers to cut through. Also, my placenta had calcified so it was very lucky that we scheduled this c-section.

But eventually she was born and I immediately knew that I loved her. There was just an immediate connection that I was very grateful for because through this entire pregnancy I felt no connection to this kid and now I can’t believe I ever felt that way.

Then the shakes started. I hate the effing shakes!! I tried to do the breast crawl with her but I was just shaking too much so we did some skin-to-skin instead.

Breastfeeding troubles

As I expected I had some trouble with the latching and ended up with damaged nipples and ended up using nipple shields to protect them while they healed. Did you know nipple shields come in different sizes? I didn’t and had been using ones that were too big which also hindered the whole thing. Luckily my gynae suggested a physio by the name of Ruth Katzman who used a laser to help speed up the healing process but more importantly showed me how to get her to latch properly.

Meeting The Munchkin


 photo R-and-D_zpscjjp5sje.jpg

Because of home life and The Munchkin, The Husband was not able to be around as much this time. The Munchkin cannot for the life of him sit still, he is just all over the place – climbing, jumping, being loud and excited and just a general handful.

I’ll tell you what though – he is absolutely smitten with his sister! “His baby”, as he tells me. He wants to take her to school to show his teacher and insists on giving her a million and one kisses when he’s home. Which is why she now has a snotty nose (Thanks creche germs!). He always wants to see her and cuddle her. But he is a bit rough with his love and doesn’t understand how to be gentle yet.

Naming The Peanut

Up until a few days before the time we still had not decided on a name for her. Home Affairs only comes to the hospital on a Wednesday between 10am and 2pm and seeing as I was delivering on a Wednesday that would be our only opportunity to register her. I absolutely refused to go to Home Affairs with a newborn. So we had to have picked out a name by Wednesday.

We had been searching through countless websites and conferring with our niece’s who have studied Arabic on various girl’s names because we had chosen a boy’s name pretty easily. But we were so stuck for a girl’s name and I could not be making important decisions like this while high on morphine.

Luckily we had a shortlist though and at the end of the day decided to go with Daariya. We wanted to steer clear of descriptive names and rather wanted something that would describe her character or a good trait.

The short meaning of Daariya is Smart, Creative and Innovative. According to a website called Quranic Names, a more detailed description of the meaning is:

Daariya is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means good-mannered, lady-like, intelligent, perceptive. It is derived from the D-R-Y root (to understand, to perceive, to treat well) which is used in many places in the Quran.

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    November 7, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Ah, beautiful post! And such a beautiful lil angel, this is somewhat prepping me for Dumplings arrival in 3 weeks IA, although I have this nagging feeling he will be a making a surprise arrival. Enjoy your time with the little ones

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