Here’s What You Should Have In Your Travel First Aid Kit

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Hey guys, I’m partnering with 1st for Women over the next couple of weeks to bring you a series of articles on how to be prepared for anything (especially when you have kids). I’m hoping to provide you with valuable tips that will be helpful to your lives. The tagline is “Always ready, just in case” which is something I can identify with as you will see below.

Travelling with kids is the worst. Whether you’re just going away for the weekend or on a big adventure overseas, you have to pack everything except the kitchen sink because Just In Case. You know, you just have to be prepared for everything.

Which reminds me of the new 1st for Women ad? It’s so adorable but also I relate to that little girl so much. I AM HER!

I’m one of those just in case kind of people so packing is really stressful for me. I pack for all four seasons because what if it rains even though it’s not forecast to? At least take a hoody!

I’ve learned to be better about this and trust the weather man because I always end up packing far more than I need to.

But when we’re away from home the one thing I still pack for every possible emergency is our travel first aid kit.
When The Munchkin was a baby we went up the West Coast with some friends and we were about 2 hours out of Cape Town. Will you believe that this seemingly healthy child suddenly spiked a fever in the middle of the night (why do fevers always want to have a surprise party at night?) and I was freaked out.

Things often look bleak in the middle of the night when you’re a first time mom, whose baby has a raging fever and you’re frantically asking Google where the closest ER is.

But luckily I packed ALL the things. We had our thermometer and all the fever meds including suppositories.

Prepared y’all!

So ever since that incident whenever we go away I make sure that we’re covered for all emergencies. We use a nice medium sized, plastic container which closes with clips on the sides so it’s secure.

I’ve made a printable for y’all to download to make sure you’re always ready, just in case. Click it! Download it!

I haven’t named any actual medications because I’m not sure if it’s legal to suggest medicines to people if you don’t have an actual medical degree and also everyone knows what works for their family.

1st for Women Insurance Marketing Manager, Casey Rousseau explains, “With our car and home insurance there is a Guardian Angel who you can call 24/7 whether you need your tyre changed, car towed or someone to make sure you’re safe; if you need a reliable locksmith, builder, electrician or handyman; or if you need to speak to a nurse, get medical advice or to call an ambulance.”

Which would have been really flipping handy when we were away for the weekend in the middle of nowhere and I was frantically looking for an ER.



  1. Kirstin

    August 18, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    You know what they say… If you have a first aid kit, nothing with happen. If you don’t, then everything happens. Always good to be prepared!

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