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Trailer Park Living at Old Mac Daddy

On Sunday morning we packed up and headed out to the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park in Elgin. A while back I won a one night stay with Natasha Clark over on Raising Men and the weekend finally arrived. We added an additional night on because I was having a SERIOUS case of Novemberitis and seeing as I’m working through December, I needed a little something to carry me through.


After driving through some beautiful farmland, we finally arrived at around 3pm and The Munchkin was fast asleep in the back seat. So while The Husband and the porters took our 10 million bags up (why when travelling with kids do you tend to take everything but the kitchen sink with – I’m always so scared I’m going to leave something behind that we NEED) I waited with the baby and the car.

And because he woke up in a strange place he was NOT about the trailer.

I DO NOT like this place!

I DO NOT like this place!

Our first night we stayed in a trailer on top of the hill called:





The views were amazing! It was so nice to just chill and take in the fresh air and not be distracted by TVs or PCs and just spend quality time as a family.




Still a little apprehensive

Once we were all settled in we went for a walk and checked the place out.

IMG_20141126_121805 IMG_20141126_121855 IMG_20141126_121936


The shortest ever nature walk...

The shortest nature walk ever…

I loved this deck but with a baby it was not the best place to chill because he was constantly trying to throw himself into the dam.




Because The Munchkin was so afraid of the trailer (he would literally cling to me and scream when we went inside) we all went to bed at the same time. Luckily he had a late nap so we didn’t have to turn in too early.

Aside from The Munchkin’s aversion to the trailer the Old Mac Daddy is actually very child-friendly. They have a specific kids menu that gets served at an earlier time so that if they have an early bedtime they can get their supper earlier. They also have an amazing playroom with toys for babies through to teens. There’s a chicken coop off to the side and this was The Munchkin’s first chicken encounter and he was rather fascinated with them. There’s also another tractor shaped jungle gym park in the area to keep the kis entertained. The kids can be served their meals there too.

There’s also a nanny hiring service available and they also have a spa menu!!! And they come and do your treatment in the comfort of your trailer which is very cool.

The next day we moved to Give Bees a Chance, which in my opinion was the better of the two we stayed in. The designer used the space much better and it also had a gate on the stoep so The Munchkin had a bit more freedom. The park was also right outside and the pool and restaurant were a stone’s throw away.

IMG_20141126_163915 IMG_20141126_163742 IMG_20141126_163607 IMG_20141126_163518 IMG_20141126_163423

The Munchkin was much happier in this one, maybe he liked the design better or got a better vibe from it, who even knows. All I know is that he actually walked around this one and pointed out all the little bees and didn’t scream his head off.



IMG_20141126_164040 IMG_20141126_164156


All in all it we had a great time. At first I was a bit apprehensive about being bored because there was nothing to watch but I think everyone needs a much needed break from technology. We weren’t altogether technology-free though, while there is almost zero signal they had free and unlimited WiFi which was all I needed really.

I’d really recommend going out and experiencing staying in these Airstream trailers. It’s such a relaxing stay and now I’m all charged up to take on December!


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