The Munchkin’s Fire Engine Party

On the 25th of September our darling boy turned 3 years old. This was the first year we had a party for him because it’s the first year he’s really been aware of what a party is and actually enjoy it. Because he loves cars and vehicles so much we decided on a fire engine theme which he loved.

3rd birthday


How we celebrated The Munchkin’s first birthday

How we celebrated The Munchkin’s second birthday

I have no idea what possessed me to throw a big party at 8 months pregnant but so I did. I didn’t realise how much prep work I put out for myself but with the help of The Husband, my parents and my brother it all came together.

We hired a small pre-school hall because for his past two birthdays it rained and we didn’t want to be rained out.

The Husband made the birthday cake because if there is one tradition we want for our kids is that their birthday cakes are homemade with love. The Husband is a really good baker so it’s an all round win.

For entertainment we got a jumping castle and soft play equipment for the younger kids from Moemsie’s Party Rentals.

fire engine party


fire engine party


fire engine party


fire engine party


fire engine party


fire engine party

Some healthy treats were on hand too.


fire engine cake

Before The Munchkin swiped all the cars from his cake.

He was SO overwhelmed when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him (even though he’s been singing it to himself for weeks!), he didn’t want to blow out his candles and he almost teared up a bit. Once everyone dispersed he asked his dad to light them again so he could blow them out.

NOT feeling this, dad!

fire engine party


fire engine party

I was beyond exhausted and my feet were broken at the end of the day. But it was a great success for the first ever kids party we’ve thrown and The Munchkin enjoyed himself immensely. Next year we’re back to low-key birthdays though because this is exhausting and expensive!


  1. Soraya

    October 17, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    That canvas is SO cute – please share where/how you made it.

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