That one time I had the most amazing pregnancy massage

On Saturday morning I was awoken at 6am in the best way possible: by having a toddler jumping on my head. Glorious. For some reason The Munchkin always wakes me up instead of his father because… who knows. Not me, that’s who.

So by 10am it had been a long morning and The Husband still got to have a nice lie in *grumble, grumble*. I was a little bit done with toddlerhood at this point.

As you know on a Saturday, our morning routine includes a visit to the library. So I roused The Husband from his beauty sleep, dressed The Munchkin and shuffled him to the lounge just so I could have 5 goddamn minutes to myself so that I could get dressed in peace.

Spoilet alert: this did not happen.
“I just sit here and watch you mommy”
“Whhhyyyy? I love you but leave me alone! 

But I actually couldn’t complain too much because another thing I had on the cards for that day, was a pregnancy massage at Mommy Wellness in Maitland.

Mommy Wellness-Pregnant Massage

It was a lovely experience all round. When I got there, Michelle the owner welcomed me and it’s almost like she knows my soul because she offered me a cup of flavoured rooibos tea. It was Carmién’s Cookies and Cream flavoured tea which was basically vanilla – yummy nontheless.






After filling out the usual pre-massage forms, my therapist Sara Lee came to get me. I didn’t know what to expect with a pregnancy massage. Did the table have a giant hole in the middle to accommodate my ever-growing belly? How does this work?!

Well, let me tell you. Sara Lee set up a preggy pillow covered with towels, asked me to get undressed, lie on my side and hug the pillow with one arm and leg underneath.

Guys. Guys! She warmed the bed. Once I was settled and comfortable under the towel she then covered me with a blanket. I mean now!! I swear she could have let me just sleep like that for an hour and I’d have been happy. 

Mommy Wellness-Pregnancy massage

But then she started the massage using Mama Mio products (because this was the Mama Mio Massage). I actually wanted to cry with joy at how she just worked away all the fatigue and knots that this pregnancy has rained down on my body.


I don’t usually fall asleep during massages because to be honest, I like to be present and fully enjoy the experience. But even if I wanted to I don’t think I could have because halfway through I needed to turn on to my other side. And when you’re 7 months pregnant this is a bit of an event. It takes at the very least 10 years. 

One thing I did find weird was that she asked if I wanted my tummy rubbed. I did not. Nope. Please don’t. But I’m really glad she asked rather than just went ahead with it. Yes, I fully realise I was in a position where a stranger was touching me all over my rather naked body but for some reason my tummy was as off limits as my private bits. 

Towards the end she asked me to turn on my back and I was a bit apprehensive because lately, lying on my back meant that my left side of my lower back would get really sore, and I’d hobble around like an old lady about to kick the bucket.

But when I eventually got up, not a single creak in my body. Because Sara Lee’s hands were sent from God and soothed all the soreness from my body. I felt so rested afterwards. 

Every pregnant mom should go for a  pregnancy massage toward the end of their pregnancy when your body is really taking strain. Never mind it being treat, it’s something that will help this already uncomfortable stage of your pregnancy. 

I like that this spa is so geared towards moms and moms-to-be. You don’t have to find someone to watch your kids while you’re getting a much deserved break – they have a little playroom and you can hire a nanny for R30 per hour per child and R50 for two kids. When I was done with my massage, I found The Husband and The Munchkin killing time while they waited for me to finish up.



  • Mommy Wellness has branches in Maitland, Durbanville, Panorama, Johannesburg and they even one in Windhoek.
  • They’re also officially partnered with Medi-Clinic. The doctor’s trust them y’all!
  • Mama Mio Massage is R550 for a 55 minute full body massage.
  • Check out the Mommy Wellness website for more info.

*My Mama Mio Massage was complimentary from Mommy Wellness. But all views are my own. I mean I could look for something to complain about but that would be lying.



  1. Victoire

    August 18, 2016 at 11:49 am

    That massage sounds divine! I never had a massage while pregnant, but I am sure it would’ve been amazing if I had, just going by your description. Now I want, no *need*, a massage! 😉

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      August 18, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      No, believe me. I think all moms NEED a massage every now and again. We don’t realise how much strain our bodies take because we’re just plodding on.

  2. Karen at MomAgain@40

    August 18, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    Sounds lovely!! This what you needed!

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      August 18, 2016 at 2:06 pm

      Seriously! It really was such a welcomed treat.

  3. Keshnie

    August 18, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    Oooooh!!! This is exactly what I need!

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