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Monthly Favourites

June Favourites

June has been an eventful month for us. We started the holy month of Ramadaan and while it’s mostly been a peaceful month we’ve had a few exciting (and not so great) events. We’ve reached the halfway mark in this pregnancy. We’ve been for our 21 week foetal development scan and while we didn’t find out the gender of the baby, we were very happy to hear that everything was all good with The Peanut. I also managed to squeeze in a movie that I’d been looking  ...

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Gaming, Things I love

Today I finally get to see the Warcraft movie

In 2007, when I starting dating The Husband I made my very first World of Warcraft character on his account because we didn’t have internet at home yet. She was a Blood Elf Mage called Sakura (Naruto also being a big thing in my life). When we got married in 2009, I finally got the luxury of an internet connection, I got my own account and started over. I created Hinata, a Blood Elf Hunter and she’s been my main homegirl ever since. I’ve made so many other characters over  ...

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Taking a break

Well, it’s been rather quiet in this neck of the woods lately. *sweeps out cobwebs* *kicks out crickets* I don’t know what it is but I’ve had very little inspiration to put words and thoughts and feels out there. I get like that sometimes when my world gets a bit too much. Nothing major has happened, just general life things: work, family, thinking about the future of both my little family and this country. So I retreat within myself and I find myself spending more  ...

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Monthly Favourites

January Favourites

January is cruel and merciless month. I apparently don’t learn from my mistakes and am poor every January – however this January was somewhat worse and I’m not sure why. I need to investigate and actually use that 22seven app I downloaded. It’s supposed to help you change your spending habits and Lord knows I need to do that. But I digress, that means that there weren’t very many favourites things month – it was a very peanut butter and bread kinda month.

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