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Top tips to soothe your anxiety when flying with children

This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart For the longest time, Rushdi has been begging us to go on a plane. He loves all things to do with transportation so every time we go to the airport it’s with much excitement but we also leave with much sadness when he realises we’re not getting on a plane. But we’ve still not taken the plunge because, to be honest, the thought of flying with my children sends chills down my spine. But with Travelstart having some great deals on  ...

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I’m not ashamed of being in my bather

Yesterday we went to West Coast National Park with a whole bunch of friends. We haven’t been in about 6 years but it was still as amazing as always. Last time we went I don’t think any of us were even married yet but now there were so many kids with it was so fun. Because I was basically running around with The Munchkin I didn’t get a chance to take a single picture. So I’m stealing borrowing some that the others took. The lagoon at the West Coast National Park is  ...

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Trailer Park Living at Old Mac Daddy

On Sunday morning we packed up and headed out to the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park in Elgin. A while back I won a one night stay with Natasha Clark over on Raising Men and the weekend finally arrived. We added an additional night on because I was having a SERIOUS case of Novemberitis and seeing as I’m working through December, I needed a little something to carry me through. After driving through some beautiful farmland, we finally arrived at around 3pm and The Munchkin was fast  ...

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Free Holiday Packing Checklist For Baby

On Saturday The Husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we’re going away for the weekend. Not anywhere far just to our family’s flat in Gordon’s Bay. A little sun, a little sea… just what we all need. It’s the first time we’re going away with The Munchkin and as I was thinking of what to take with I thought “My God! You’re a tiny person to require so many things!!”. I’m very scared we’re going  ...

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