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Life with two kids is no joke

Well hello there dear and patient reader. I’m really sorry for the radio silence but life with two kids takes some getting used to. It’s only been a month since we’ve welcomed The Peanut to the madness and Monday afternoon was one of the rare occasions that I was alone with both kids. And I think I handled it pretty well, mostly because The Peanut was asleep. While The Munchkin still requires a butt load of attention he is getting better at not hurting the baby  ...

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Welcoming The Peanut to the world

Aaaaand, It’s a girl! The weeks leading up to The Peanut’s birth were very stressful. We had been relocated to my parents house because of a mould situation in our bedrooms and we needed to replace the flooring. It’s been trying to say the least but we managed to get it all sorted a few days before baby arrived. We wanted to spend our last Sunday as a family of 3 together but it didn’t work out that way at all because the second bedroom still needed finishing off.  ...

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We’re taking a little break

So if all goes according to plan, The Peanut will be arriving in a couple of days time. Whaaaaaaat?! I am not ready for this. Being mom to The Munchkin is already a job that keeps me constantly on my toes. I’m not sure I have enough toes left for a second one. Last week Thursday for instance was a bad time with The Munchkin. He had been up since 5:30am for some reason, had skipped his nap at school and was just a complete wailing, crying terror to deal with come bath/bed time. We  ...

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Life is currently on one of them downward trajectories right now. When it rains, it pours and all that. I’m sure it’ll turn around soon as it has a tendency to do, so for now we weather this particularly kak storm.  But that’s been the reason for the lack of posts lately. I have a few lined up, planned and drafted but I just have not gotten to them. But I really hope to have my July Favourites up in time. A couple of months ago, we were in a car accident.  ...

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