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Trying to make it through December

I don’t know if y’all are feeling it but you must be, that year end slump, where you can see the holidays but you have no idea if you’re even going to survive till then (and if you’re not then tell me all your secrets please!!). While everyone is surprised that it’s suddenly December again, I feel like a zombie from the Walking Dead ambling toward the finish line. So in order to pull myself through this month I have a few pockets of happiness scattered  ...

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Things I love, Travel

Trailer Park Living at Old Mac Daddy

On Sunday morning we packed up and headed out to the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park in Elgin. A while back I won a one night stay with Natasha Clark over on Raising Men and the weekend finally arrived. We added an additional night on because I was having a SERIOUS case of Novemberitis and seeing as I’m working through December, I needed a little something to carry me through. After driving through some beautiful farmland, we finally arrived at around 3pm and The Munchkin was fast  ...

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The best intentions

I had the best intentions last night. After an over indulgent Eid weekend, I was feeling ready to detox, eat healthy and start the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout. I’ve seen so many great reviews and results from people using this guide so I even printed it out as well as my weekly workout schedule. I was ready! I was excited! I was thwarted by a tiny human who had other plans for my evening! Finding time to exercise is hard, you guys. I CAN’T get up earlier to work out  ...

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The Munchkin’s First* Eid

Eid has been and gone and it was such a different experience with The Munchkin this year. *It’s technically his 2nd Eid but it’s his first Ramadaan Eid and also he was only 3 weeks old on his first Eid so he didn’t experience much. This year however… He woke up at 5:30AM!! In the MORNING! Anyway, we eventually got up because The Husband had to be at masjid by 7:30am. We gave The Munchkin his cereal before we left for our friend’s house, where we waited while  ...

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