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Summer Holidays 2015 in pictures

For as long as I’ve been working I’ve always worked through the Summer Holidays because it was so quiet at work you could sit there and catch up series while making sure the place didn’t burn down. But last year I had a serious case of FOMO when The Husband and The Munchkin were home and enjoying the glorious summer days. So this year I took leave between Christmas and New Year and we went away with my parents to our family’s flat in Gordon’s Bay for a week.  ...

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Our holiday to The Baths

During the December and January holidays while everyone was gallivanting about dieing the summer holiday, I was the poor soul who was working through because our intern’s contract had ended, I didn’t have any family obligations or a kid who gets school holidays and someone had to make sure Parent24 didn’t burn to the ground. So I took 2 weeks off between my birthday and our wedding anniversary. We went away to a place in Citrusdal called The Baths. I’ve been twice  ...

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The weekend that was

This time of the year gets really busy. When ever there is a Saturday that we don’t have anything planned I’m surprised. This weekend was filled with celebrations. First up was my friend Shabana’s baby shower. Shabana and her husband Zaahir are very good friends of The Husband and I. In fact we met at Zaahir’s house and spend many days and nights when we were dating there. They’re expecting their daughter at the end of January and I’m extremely excited  ...

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I’m not ashamed of being in my bather

Yesterday we went to West Coast National Park with a whole bunch of friends. We haven’t been in about 6 years but it was still as amazing as always. Last time we went I don’t think any of us were even married yet but now there were so many kids with it was so fun. Because I was basically running around with The Munchkin I didn’t get a chance to take a single picture. So I’m stealing borrowing some that the others took. The lagoon at the West Coast National Park is  ...

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