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New Year, New Room

After 4 years, 3 months and 12 days, The Munchkin is finally, FINALLY, sleeping in his own room.  via GIPHY Some people achieve this amazing feat as young as 6 months, others take a bit longer but I’m glad we did it this way because the transition has been a really easy and natural process. We co-slept with him since he was born. We tried very hard to get him to sleep in a cot but to be very honest, once he started teething I was too damn lazy to keep getting up and still go to  ...

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Breaking the routine

When The Munchkin was born the one thing I was so obsessed with was creating a routine, a loose one though because lets be honest newborns don’t give a stuff about routine. I couldn’t deal with the thought about having kids who were still running around at 10 or 11pm mostly because I am an early sleeper and I wanted to have some time to myself or to spend with The Husband before bed. You’re so busy with the kids all day that you just need a break, you know?

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You guys, I’m tired. I realised that I haven’t actually slept through the night in 2 years and apparently it’s not going to change any time soon. I am not counting the time I was sick and slept in the other room because I was SICK! It’s not that The Munchkin actually wakes up to feed or anything, it’s just niggles really where he can’t find his dummy or is almost rolling off his floor bed or his blanket has come off or worst of all, he’s wet himself  ...

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Review: Tranquil Turtle

One of the things we got The Munchkin for his first birthday was a Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B. Because it was bit of an expensive buy (luckily I had some vouchers to take the sting off) I wanted to be really sure about it. I researched, watched videos, trawled the internet for reviews from other parents and then had to decide between this one and the slightly cheaper Twilight Turtle. It’s been over a month that we’ve been using it and The Munchkin loves Leo as we’ve named  ...

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