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Monthly Favourites

June Favourites

June has been an eventful month for us. We started the holy month of Ramadaan and while it’s mostly been a peaceful month we’ve had a few exciting (and not so great) events. We’ve reached the halfway mark in this pregnancy. We’ve been for our 21 week foetal development scan and while we didn’t find out the gender of the baby, we were very happy to hear that everything was all good with The Peanut. I also managed to squeeze in a movie that I’d been looking  ...

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Review: The Safe Sippy 2

I’m one of those mother’s who has bought numerous sippy cups for my son trying find one that was truly “spill-proof”. You see whichever one we gave him The Munchkin would find a way to get the liquid out so he could mess it about. Which is not great when the liquid is juice or tea. So when we got this Safe Sippy cup to try out I was sceptical. Because while it also boasted to be spill-proof, I couldn’t help wonder if it was Munchkin-proof. Read the full review  ...

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Review: Sprout Kids’ Food

We’ve reached the point in The Munchkin’s food journey where he can basically eat whatever it is that we’re having at meal times. This is great because it also means that now we’re forced to eat better for his sake. So meal times are sorted. But when it comes to snacks, I’ve hit a brick wall. He gets the usual fruit, yoghurt and this boy LOVES a dry Provita (I don’t know…) but I wanted to give him more variety and I have zero time to make anything.  ...

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Review: Tranquil Turtle

One of the things we got The Munchkin for his first birthday was a Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B. Because it was bit of an expensive buy (luckily I had some vouchers to take the sting off) I wanted to be really sure about it. I researched, watched videos, trawled the internet for reviews from other parents and then had to decide between this one and the slightly cheaper Twilight Turtle. It’s been over a month that we’ve been using it and The Munchkin loves Leo as we’ve named  ...

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