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Basbousa: A soft semolina cake that will give you life

Hello and salaams my lovelies. We are 5 days into Ramadan and it’s been going okay. The fasting and all that is not a big deal, but my number one struggle is keeping my anger and irritation in check. Especially with the kids. But as fate would have it I wasn’t able to fast the first few days but I started yesterday. We also had iftar, or boeka as some of us Capetonians call it, at my mom’s house. So I decided to make an Arab dessert called basbousa to take with to send to  ...

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The Ramadaan Shoebox Project

This morning while going through Insta Stories in bed, I came across a very cool project called the Ramadaan Shoebox Project. It’s like the Santa Shoebox Project but the beneficiaries are underprivileged Muslim kids who get them for Eid. The objective behind the Ramadaan Shoebox Project is to create a personalised gift for a specific child. The donor is given the age and gender of the child. The donor is responsible for decorating a shoe box and filling it with a list of items that  ...

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Top book picks for your kid’s Ramadan box

As a parent, cultivating a love for books and reading is very important to me. Just as important to me is cultivating a love for our beautiful  religion of Islam. So obviously Islamic books for kids are a good way to do this. Last year we started making a Ramadan Box for Rushdi and it included two of our favourite Ramadan books. He loves them so much that we read them constantly throughout the year. Read more: The Mom’s Guide to preparing for Ramadan My First Ramadan This story  ...

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The Mom’s Guide to preparing for Ramadan+ Free Printables

It’s 5 weeks till Ramadan and I’ve started getting prepared for the holy month. The one thing I really want for my kids is that they look forward to the month. As kids we welcomed the month begrudgingly and I prepared my getting all my VHS tapes ready to record all the TV I’d be missing. I didn’t want this for my kids. I wanted it to have  more meaning for them than just not watching TV and not eating all day. So last year I started by making Rushdi a Ramadan  ...

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