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20 Week Pregnancy Update

On this Youth Day morning I’m lying in bed with both my babies awake. One is laughing like a drain while watching Masha and the Bear in Russian (like he even understands). The other one is kicking away in my belly. I just realised I missed the halfway mark yesterday but now there you have it – that’s second pregnancy for you.  I actually had to sit a long while and think about where we’re at right now. I have not been taking bump pics because to be honest  ...

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15th Ramadaan and a Boeber recipe

Yesterday was the 15th day of Ramadaan. The halfway mark, which means it’s 2 weeks before Eid (which it reminds me that The Munchkin needs a haircut!) and the family Eid Whatsapp groups have been created with about 32 unread messages in one of them!  To celebrate the halfway mark my mother always makes a pot of Boeber and I like to keep up this tradition because well, it’s nice. I don’t think there is any significant meaning to it but it sure is yummy!  ...

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Project Hygiene 2015

Last Ramadaan two friends of mine started a little something called Project Hygiene. Natheefah Maroof and Naseera Mohammad came up with the simple idea: you donate R70 and they make up packs of basic hygiene products to distribute to those in need.  Our main cause and aim is to provide basic hygiene products to less fortunate individuals, in the hopes of alleviating their personal hygiene struggles. How amazing is it to simply get in to a hot shower and seemingly wash our problems  ...

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Reviews, Technology

App Review: Muslim Pro

The thing I love about apps is how they have the ability to make your life a little easier. Coming off my last blog post about being a better Muslim, I came across this app called Muslim Pro (or as I like to call it “How to be a pro Muslim”). What I love about this app is that it’s quite comprehensive so instead of having an app for Salaah Times and then another one for the Quraan and a third for the Qibla, it’s all here in this handy app.

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