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Review: Sprout Kids’ Food

We’ve reached the point in The Munchkin’s food journey where he can basically eat whatever it is that we’re having at meal times. This is great because it also means that now we’re forced to eat better for his sake. So meal times are sorted. But when it comes to snacks, I’ve hit a brick wall. He gets the usual fruit, yoghurt and this boy LOVES a dry Provita (I don’t know…) but I wanted to give him more variety and I have zero time to make anything.  ...

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Monthly Favourites

January Favourites

January is cruel and merciless month. I apparently don’t learn from my mistakes and am poor every January – however this January was somewhat worse and I’m not sure why. I need to investigate and actually use that 22seven app I downloaded. It’s supposed to help you change your spending habits and Lord knows I need to do that. But I digress, that means that there weren’t very many favourites things month – it was a very peanut butter and bread kinda month.

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