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My toddler’s favourite shows on Netflix

At the end of November I signed up for the one free month of Netflix soley for the purpose of watching the Gilmore Girls revival. I was home alone on maternity leave with nothing else to do than watch it all in one go while I still had a baby that slept through anything and everything all day. Now I knew how Netflix worked in general. But I didn’t know it had useful little features like each person in the house could have their own profile and they had a dedicated kids section. So The  ...

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Things I love

Jessica Jones is out today!

I’ve been waiting for November 20th for the longest time. It’s the day Netflix will be releasing Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It’s the second of Netflix Marvel series that will eventually end up being … The first being Daredevil (which I spoiled for myself by watching the first two episodes and then the last by accident So that’s due for a proper watch!) Anyway, the reason I’m extra excited for this series is because the villain is played by David  ...

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