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QuantumCon Boardgame Festival

Attention fellow geeks, gamers and boardgamers. This Saturday is the first ever QuantumCon Boardgame Festival in Cape Town and it’s going to be so much fun. There will be tons of boardgames available to play and you can also bring your own. These aren’t just your usual Pictionary, Monopoly or 30 Seconds.  These are just the boardgames that I’ve played. There will be tons more available for you to try. For a full list check the Facebook event page. And  ...

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Free Holiday Packing Checklist For Baby

On Saturday The Husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we’re going away for the weekend. Not anywhere far just to our family’s flat in Gordon’s Bay. A little sun, a little sea… just what we all need. It’s the first time we’re going away with The Munchkin and as I was thinking of what to take with I thought “My God! You’re a tiny person to require so many things!!”. I’m very scared we’re going  ...

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