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Five things we do when we’ve been watching too much TV

There will often be weekends when it’s about 2pm and I realise that The Munchkin has done nothing but watch TV all day. Oops. I only feel slightly guilty because in that time I managed to get a ton of stuff done. But I do feel guilty nonetheless. That’s when the TV goes to “sleep” and we find some other things to occupy our time till it’s time for bed. Cars and Blocks Our first port of call is always his treasure trove of cars. His blocks and cars often go  ...

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Books, Win!

Kids Book Club Giveaway

{COMPETITION CLOSED} We’ve really been enjoying the little surprises we get from the Kids Book Club every month.   There’s not been a month that The Munchkin doesn’t love whatever he’s been sent. He gets sent one educational type book and one fun book – although to me at this age every book is educational.   Too in love with his latest book from the #KidsBookClub this month! 😂😂 @samomblogs A video posted by Zayaan Schroeder (@zayaan27) on Nov 14, 2015  ...

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Thank God for the Kids Book Club

This past weekend I was down with the flu. I was not in any shape to be entertaining the The Munchkin and I really couldn’t deal with the fact that he was awake and jumping on me at 6am. On a Saturday. So I plonked him in front of the TV and had a lie down in peace. Until he came marching back into the room with a whole packet of Tennis biscuits for breakfast. Deciding that his parents were in no shape to feed him, he went on and foraged for himself. Biscuits of course. Not my best  ...

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Get your kids more books!

I love reading. You may have noticed. A few moms have mentioned to me that when they became mother’s reading was put on the back back burner. And when The Munchkin was a newborn, I have to admit that so did I. I didn’t have the hands to hold a book and I was too in awe of my kid to even look away from his face for too long. Also, I didn’t have the mental capacity to concentrate for that long. But eventually I got back into it because I want it to be something I pass on to  ...

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