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App Review: Muslim Pro

The thing I love about apps is how they have the ability to make your life a little easier. Coming off my last blog post about being a better Muslim, I came across this app called Muslim Pro (or as I like to call it “How to be a pro Muslim”). What I love about this app is that it’s quite comprehensive so instead of having an app for Salaah Times and then another one for the Quraan and a third for the Qibla, it’s all here in this handy app.

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The Beauty of Islam

The world is sad place right now. As a Muslim I am saddened and angry at what certain people are doing in the name of my beautiful religion. A “Muslim” gunman held up a Lindt store a couple of weeks ago in Sydney . And the very next day the Taliban went into a school in Peshawar and gunned down 145 people, majority of who where children. CHILDREN! What?! What is even happening? This is not my Islam. This is not the beautiful religion I was raised to love and that I choose to follow.

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Mi’raj – The Night Journey

Tonight is a holy night for Muslims around the world. It’s Lailatul Mi’raj. I could explain it to you using a bunch of wordy words but my aunt sent us this picture in our family’s Whatsapp group that explains the significance rather beautifully. It’s the night where Allah have the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) detailed instructions regarding the 5 obligatory prayers that Muslims perform each day. For me it also signifies that Ramadaan is fast approaching. This will be our  ...

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What’s in a name?

In Islam it’s the right of every child to have a good name. According to Muslim Baby Names: It is the infant’s vested right to be honored with a beautiful name. When choosing a Muslim baby name for the child, it should be done with the intention that the baby will be blessed with the barakah of that name. So we had a few criteria when choosing The Munchkin’s name. For some reason I liked names that started with the letter R. We wanted something short that couldn’t be  ...

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