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Our homeschool routine

I am not the kind of person who wakes up and gets things done before my kids wake up. Mostly because they have kept me up all night and I will sleep until the very second I have to get up. So our routine is a very relaxed one because with two little ones, you need to be flexible. Things don’t always go according to plan but it’s good to have a plan to give some structure. I found that when I didn’t have a plan there was way too much TV time. The kids wake up anytime  ...

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Homeschool Series: The Curriculum

Deciding to take The Munchkin out of preschool when I decided to freelance was a big one for me. He needs to be ready for school and it’s a big responsibility but it’s one I’m happy to take on. There are certain school readiness milestones he needs to accomplish and with that in mind I was on the look out for a homeschool curriculum that would focus on that. But there were other criteria I had: It had to be fun. It had to be very little effort to put the activities  ...

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