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It finally feels like summer

Today was one of those rare good days. You know that day where everything just goes right and you realise just how lucky you are because despite the hardships your life is filled with love and that is just priceless. I just have one more day of work left then I’m officially on summer holiday but it feels like it’s already started. When Robi resigned, I wasn’t sure what it would be like at work anymore. She is my closest and best friend. My heart person. If we could get  ...

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Trying to make it through December

I don’t know if y’all are feeling it but you must be, that year end slump, where you can see the holidays but you have no idea if you’re even going to survive till then (and if you’re not then tell me all your secrets please!!). While everyone is surprised that it’s suddenly December again, I feel like a zombie from the Walking Dead ambling toward the finish line. So in order to pull myself through this month I have a few pockets of happiness scattered  ...

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Our holiday to The Baths

During the December and January holidays while everyone was gallivanting about dieing the summer holiday, I was the poor soul who was working through because our intern’s contract had ended, I didn’t have any family obligations or a kid who gets school holidays and someone had to make sure Parent24 didn’t burn to the ground. So I took 2 weeks off between my birthday and our wedding anniversary. We went away to a place in Citrusdal called The Baths. I’ve been twice  ...

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Crash and Burn

While most people were getting back to work and school in the new year and lamenting the end of the holidays I was here behind my desk thinking “Um, I never left. What are y’all complaining about?”. You see our intern’s contract had ended and someone needed to man the desk and seeing as I don’t celebrate Christmas or have kids who were of school going age and thus on holiday, I let my colleagues take leave.

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