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Introducing AmaniArt – Islamic Art Giveaway

I first came across AmaniArt on another blogger, Abieda’s Instagram account. She had name prints made for her twin girls and I just fell in love. I had to have one for The Munchkin with the meaning of his name, date of birth (both western and Islamic dates) and I also had one made for a brand new baby in the family. The more I stalked the AmaniArt Instagram account, the more I wanted. Gone where the days of boring black and gold rakams. I love beautiful design and typography and  ...

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{Giveaway} Win 1 of 5 Ocean Spray Hampers

[COMPETITION CLOSED] One of the things I’ve always wanted in my life was a turkey leg. I watched and read a lot of Astrix and Obelix as a child and man, those massive turkey legs looked delicious. If I could get that and some of Heidi’s cheese and bread I’d be happy, thanks! Speaking of turkeys, there’s the one American tradition I’d love to experience, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, the holiday in itself has some problematic factors but my word, that  ...

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Toy Toggle Review and Giveaway

When The Munchkin was just starting on solids he also discovered the force of gravity. Meaning that he could throw things from his high chair to the ground. Repeatedly. Fun for him, not so much for me who had to retrieve said object (mostly his sippy cup) from the floor. Repeatedly. Then I read about the Toy Toggle on Nikki’s blog and I just knew it was the answer to my prayers and back pain. It’s a simple yet genius concept from a proudly South African company! It consists of  ...

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{GIVEAWAY} Mr Price Voucher

Last week I attended the Cape Town Mommy Blogger Meet Up. It was all kinds of fun but my most favourite part was this beautifully wrapped box from Mr Price Kids. I couldn’t wait to get home and unwrap it – even though it was really for The Munchkin. I just like beautifully wrapped things!! This really was a brand win on Mr Price’s part.

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