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Boardgame Review: Shinobi Wat-aah!

When we were children, my brother and I along with our cousins, Saajidah, Shaheed and Ebrahim were obsessed with playing Crazy 8. You know “pick up, put down (a set), throw away”. We played it all the time. All day, every weekend or opportunity we got. So much so that when Ebrahim started Grade 1 his mother got a call from his teacher saying that when she asked him what came after 10 he said “Jack”. We love boardgames over in this neck of the woods. It all started  ...

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We went to see the dinosaurs!

On Monday we took The Munchkin to the Days of the Dinosaur exhibit at the CTICC. When I fell pregnant one of the things The Husband and I were very much looking forward to was reliving our childhoods with him. Watching him learn and grow has been one of the most special things in these past 10 months. So of course when an exhibit with “45 roaring, moving, life-sized dinosaurs” came to town we were going to take him! But who were we kidding, he was definitely a bit young to  ...

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