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A trip to The Velvet Cake Co

So apparently my WordPress app hates me and this post was published before I was really done with it by accident. So I’m sorry for all you lovely people who subscribe to this blog that got a half-baked blog post in your inboxes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Friday, Robi and I met up in town because: 1. It had been two weeks since we’d seen each other; 2. It was pay day and 3. The Velvet Cake Co had opened a branch in the CBD

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Ramadaan Day 3

Sehri: Yesterday morning Xeyne made egg rolls for breakfast with mushroom filling and we had wholewheat bread with that. I caved and had half a cup of tea but I honestly think that’s why I felt so much better yesterday. I’m also taking Viral Guard in the mornings because there are a whole bunch of pestilent people at work. Iftaar: We had iftaar at my mom’s house last night. She made cupcakes to take away to the neighbours. I got special delivery daltjies from the Soekers  ...

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