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App review: Colorfy

In April I stumbled upon the craze that was adult colouring-in. I say stumbled upon like it wasn’t EVERYWHERE. So I went out and ordered this one from Reader’s Warehouse. And then I was given another one by a co-worker. So now I have two colouring books that I have not touched because I’m a mom and I have zero time for myself. That is a slight  exaggeration. The time that I do have to myself is hella precious and yes I could use it wisely, destressing and making  ...

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Colouring is not just for kids

Colouring pages for adults are all the rage recently. I first saw it on Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page and then Cupcake Mummy also did a couple of posts on it. As a child I loved colouring but as I grew up it stopped being what was considered “homework” and I just lost interest. So when I saw these intricate colouring pages I knew I wanted to try it.  I found that it helped my mind relax and I can tell you my mind needs to slow the heck down! It’s always running a  ...

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