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Newborn cloth nappies – Yay or Nay?

When The Munchkin was around 18 months old we made the switch to cloth nappies and it’s been one of the greatest decisions we’ve made. Never mind the environmental impact that it has, but the number one reason for me was the savings. We’ve worked it out (we have a spreadsheet) taking even water and detergent usage into account and this just works out tons cheaper. Anyway, I’m not here to sell cloth nappies to you. I’m here to work through my thoughts  ...

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Little Lamb cloth nappy review

When we made the change over to cloth nappies we didn’t jump in with both feet. We’re still using disposables at night and when we go out for the day. We’ve been getting braver and packing cloth in his nappy bag when we go out in the day so that just leaves the nights. I was perfectly happy using disposables at night till The Munchkin started needing midnight nappy changes or he’d wet himself and the bed. Even worse, he started wetting himself and the bed and his  ...

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Monthly Favourites

March Favourites

March has been a rather chill month with me being on leave for 2 whole weeks. And then getting back to the rush of things and life and stuff. I promise I’ll get better at timing these posts because I realize it’s almost a week into April already and March is nothing but a far distant memory. But it’s nice to reflect, you know? So here are the things that filled my March with happiness!

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Why we’re changing to cloth nappies

A couple of months ago, I don’t know where, but I came across this: And my first thought was “That is cute as heck!”. I was directed to the South African cloth nappy users group on Facebook and then I stumbled down the rabbit hole that was Modern Cloth Nappies. It took me two full whole days to digest all the information I was assaulted with and I wrote this article: Cloth Nappies 101 – seriously check it out of you need some of these things simplified because it A  ...

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