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The Ramadaan Shoebox Project

This morning while going through Insta Stories in bed, I came across a very cool project called the Ramadaan Shoebox Project. It’s like the Santa Shoebox Project but the beneficiaries are underprivileged Muslim kids who get them for Eid. The objective behind the Ramadaan Shoebox Project is to create a personalised gift for a specific child. The donor is given the age and gender of the child. The donor is responsible for decorating a shoe box and filling it with a list of items that  ...

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Project Hygiene 2015

Last Ramadaan two friends of mine started a little something called Project Hygiene. Natheefah Maroof and Naseera Mohammad came up with the simple idea: you donate R70 and they make up packs of basic hygiene products to distribute to those in need.  Our main cause and aim is to provide basic hygiene products to less fortunate individuals, in the hopes of alleviating their personal hygiene struggles. How amazing is it to simply get in to a hot shower and seemingly wash our problems  ...

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