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Monthly Favourites

May Favourites

Let’s try this thing again. Here’s are my favourite things from the month of May. Movie After the mess that was Batman vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War was great. Was it too long? Yes. Could all this nonsense have been resolved if people just spoke to each other? Yes. Did Bucky ever get his plums? We’ll never know. I wanna know if Bucky got to eat a plum before he went back on ice. I really hope he did — Bald and Ugly (@sovietslug) May 8, 2016 But Marvel  ...

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Things I love

Geeky movies I’m looking forward to this year

“And the Geek shall inherit the Earth” Never has a phrase been more true. Geek is the new Popular. I remember in primary school being one of the few girls who could name the superheroes on the cards that the boys tested me on. I could even name the artists. At home I played Prince of Persia and annoyed my brother my beating him at Tekken 3. After school we’d watch X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Did I label myself a geek? Nope – I didn’t know the word.  ...

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