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My favourite cruelty-free products

Recently I realised it’s been a year since I’ve tried my very best to use animal cruelty-free products because to be honest, why the hell should animals suffer for my skin and beauty needs. And while I haven’t chucked some of the brands that do test on animals that I’ve accumulated (because I’m not into throwing money away either) and there are some things I just haven’t found alternatives for (like toothpaste and deodorant sticks), I do try to  ...

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Reviews, Things I love

Darling Jane Bath and Beauty Review and Giveaway

The one thing I was really excited about when we moved was that we had a regular sized bath. The bath at our previous place was one of those spa bath things. And while you might think it’s great, it’s actually not. Because it’s awkward to lie in and takes too much water for my guilty conscience to handle. So I rarely took baths. Anyway, the point is I get to fill a tub up and just lie in it and read. Now what good is a bath full of water of you don’t have yummy  ...

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Take care of your face

Guys, I am not good at being a girl. If I had any choice in the matter I would live in jeans, sneakers and hoodies. And 80% of the time I do. The other 10% of the time is spent in yoga pants and slippers. And begrudgingly the other 10% is spent dressed up (mostly for Eid, weddings and other fancy events). I rarely wear makeup. Again, only for the aforementioned dressy up times. What is primer even? I don’t know… The make up I have in my bag are: eyeliner, BB cream, concealer  ...

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The Beauty of Islam

The world is sad place right now. As a Muslim I am saddened and angry at what certain people are doing in the name of my beautiful religion. A “Muslim” gunman held up a Lindt store a couple of weeks ago in Sydney . And the very next day the Taliban went into a school in Peshawar and gunned down 145 people, majority of who where children. CHILDREN! What?! What is even happening? This is not my Islam. This is not the beautiful religion I was raised to love and that I choose to follow.

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