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5 apps to install on your new phone

On Thursday morning I took my usual train to work when some lovely individual decided that he would do his Christmas shopping by grabbing my phone out of my hand just as the train stated pulling away. He was on the platform at Koeberg Road station and had the audacity to look me straight in the face as the train pulled away. Goodbye phone. But there is a silver lining here, when I went to MTN to report my phone stolen and needed to be blocked, they said I was due for an upgrade! That was a  ...

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App review: Colorfy

In April I stumbled upon the craze that was adult colouring-in. I say stumbled upon like it wasn’t EVERYWHERE. So I went out and ordered this one from Reader’s Warehouse. And then I was given another one by a co-worker. So now I have two colouring books that I have not touched because I’m a mom and I have zero time for myself. That is a slight  exaggeration. The time that I do have to myself is hella precious and yes I could use it wisely, destressing and making  ...

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My 8 favourite apps

Today I thought I’d share my favourite apps. And not the usual ones that I use everyday that are basically an extension of my being like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instgram. I’m talking about the other uselful ones that make my life easier. Life is busy and so I need things that help me to simplify it. Here are my favourite apps on my phone at the moment. Photofy I’ve been through so many photo editing apps and nothing has come close to Photofy. I love the little  ...

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