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One of the things I hate to do most in this world is to take kids shopping for clothing. Especially The Munchkin. It’s not his fault to be honest, there’s just far too much that catches his eye and he wants to see EVERYTHING. So he never stands still and dashes through the store like it’s the Reggie’s Rush but he’s not even getting anything.

But this means I don’t get to have a good look at ANYTHING. And that’s why I rejoiced when online shopping became a thing that was normal. I will pay someone that delivery fee so that I don’t have to drag my kids to the shops. With online shopping, I can take my time and not go over budget just to get out of the shop.

Superbalist has recently added a baby and kid’s section to their website and I’m especially excited about it because they stock clothes from Cotton On which is not available anywhere else online in SA. I’d always have to make a trip to the physical store which I had to mentally prep for and it’s exhausting, you know?

There’s always that element of not being sure that something will fit right though. But if that’s the case then you can return the item for free and they will either repair/replace it, credit your account or refund you. 

With Superbalist, I can browse on my phone via their app while I’m putting The Potato down for her nap. Easy peasy! Also, first time buyers get R250 off any purchase over R600. 

The quality of the clothes available is on their site is fantastic. My kids wardrobes are made up of 80% budget wear that I won’t have a small stroke if they mess paint on it but I like them to have some nice “going out” clothes like my mommy would say. 

Superbalist was really kind to send my kids some of what they have to offer and I have to say I am very impressed with both the quality and the selection online. And check out how cute they look!! 

By the way guys, please appreciate how hard it is to get The Munchkin to cooperate when taking photos. Luckily The Potato can’t walk yet!






This is what happens when you try to have a photoshoot in the park. Madness and mayhem!

Download the Superbalist app for free on Android and iOS. And be sure to check out their new baby and kids section on their website.


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