Rushdi’s Non-Pinterest 5th Birthday Party

Okay so here’s the thing about Pinterest parties, I love looking at pictures of them. The effort that goes into them are astounding but the work that goes into them makes me tired. Some people love to do this and thrive on it. But I am not a party planner type person. Event planning stresses me out so badly.

And that’s okay, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I tried the Pinterest Party thing once for Rushdi’s 3rd birthday. We had a Fire Engine theme and it was so much work and preparation that said never again. In fact, I was still so traumatised by it that for  his 4th birthday we skipped a party all together and took him out for the day.

Celebrating the Munchkin’s 4th Birthday

But this year he asked for one and the theme we went for was, no theme. I just don’t have the time, energy or inclination to do full on themes. If anything the theme could be translated as These Are A Few Of Rushdi’s Favourite Things because that’s literally all we had. Luckily, Rushdi loves the simple things in life.

I just wanted this to be simple party that was reminiscent to the parties of my childhood where they opened a bag of chips and threw it on the table with some sweets and kids jumped themselves to the point of exhaustion in somebody’s back yard*.

*Back yard kindly sponsored by The Grandparents! Thanks!

 photo R and AZB juming castle_zpsax5wtq5l.jpg

So Rushdi drew up a list of his favourite people, friends and cousins that he wanted there. We invited kids that were around his and Daariya’s age for them to play with.

On the party table we had all his favourite things to eat: Zoo biscuits and Toppers; jellybeans, sour worms and marshmallows; instead of having a cake or cupcakes that tend to get wasted, we went with a donut tower. Rushdi LOVES donuts so this was perfect for him. Oh and of course there had to be “white ice cream and pointy cones. Not the short ones, mommy.

 photo Table_zpsqdqxzgdq.jpg
 photo Donut cake 1_zpsjjaqzxuq.jpg
 photo zoo biscuits_zpsfypslsli.jpg

It was important to us that we supported local businesses for all the stuff I didn’t want to make (i.e all of it). We ordered the donuts from Quality Bake in Lansdowne and they were amazing! They smelled so good and were a 3rd of the price compared to someplace like Dunkin Donuts. The ice-cream we got from Gatti’s because it was R62 for 5L. FIVE LITRES OF ICE CREAM, YOU GUYS!!! Also Gatti’s ice cream is the best so don’t even argue with me.

Then we ordered his favourite mushroom pizza from Bin Rashied, which if you haven’t had yet, I feel sorry for you as a person who walks this Earth. Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of these because well, I forgot. I’m just a simple human bean  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The only sort of entertainment we had was a jumping castle, some colouring pages and Play-Doh that we had left over from the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up.

 photo Jumping castle_zpsf2whyihu.jpg
I don’t know what he was yelling to me about  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Play doh table
 photo R and dD colouring_zps7fzxhhf8.jpg

We also didn’t have any party packs or favours of any kind (mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to and then just forgot) but everyone got donuts to take home so that’s value if you ask me.

I really enjoyed this party because I wasn’t rushing around and being too busy to spend time with my kid at his own party, which is what happened at his 3rd birthday party. I’m really glad we went back to basics and I took the pressure off myself to make it Pinterest PerfectTM for him, because I have come to realise that he actually doesn’t care about all that. It’s just stressful and expensive for me, neither of which I care for to be honest.

But having said all this, I would put the effort into a themed party for myself because I still want that goddamn Harry Potter party!


  1. Ferowza

    October 9, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Love this!! I love that you just could not be bothered about how picture perfect the party is/was! We’ve never done a party-party yet – it’s usually just a day out with the girls on either of their birthdays and usually followed by cake at our place or at my mom’s. We’re considering a party next year for when Mumtaaz is 6 IA, but it is likely also gonna be a backyard get together with no real theme that carries throughout. And jumping castle is always a winner. At the end of the day the kids don’t care a hoot how cool the pics turned out on Insta, it’s all about the jumps, the friends and cuzzies to play with, and the sugar-rush treats 🙂 Oh, and I personally think Dunkin Donuts is overrated. I mean it’s nice and all but I would not go out of my way for em or slip into fomo-land if I don’t eat the latest creation.

  2. Simone

    October 10, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    This is the type of parties we were used to as kids. (Without the jumping castle, of course!) All kids really want is sugar and gifts. ? You did beautifully, Mom.

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