Ramadaan Day 4 and 5


Day 4

I had boring oats for breakfast yesterday. Well, not boring boring, it was cranberry and passion fruit flavour. And I had a date and water as well. Whoo hoo! Kill me now.


For Iftaar we broke our fast with a date, water and some of the fruit salad that was leftover from the night before. Xeyne had of the butternut soup for supper and I was really craving a fish finger sandwich. I imagined it all day. Golden brown toast with butter and fish fingers smothered in tomato sauce. But I just ended up pushing around 4 fish fingers on my plate because I think my stomach has now shrunk to the size of a apple.

Mosque Time

Skipped mosque last night because it was cold and rainy. Also, cleaning needed to be done.

Day 5


I made french toast this morning. It turned out a bit bland so I dosed it with cinnamon sugar and golden syrup. Win. There was teas involved too. I fast better if I’ve had a cup of tea.


We broke our fast with Xeyne’s family tonight and it was pretty nice to eat with a big family. Xeyne’s brother has 5 kids so it was fun. There was vegetable soup and sausage rolls to break fast with

Mosque Time

We all went to Masjidul Quds in Gatesville. Mashallah, that’s a beautiful mosque. I’d never been there before. I think it’s one of the biggest mosques in Cape Town. I wish I could have taken pictures but I didn’t have my phone with me and it felt a bit disrespectful taking pictures while everyone was making salaah.

We went home at about 9pm then we were still hungry so we went to Bona where I proceeded to lose my cellphone pouch which had my cheque card, monthly train ticket and an Ayatul Kursi. More about that later…

Random Rambling

I’ve installed Swype onto my Android phone. Jeez, typing has become so much easier. I’m loving it so much. I just fell in love with my Android all over again!

You guys!! They killed Peter Parker! And now there is a new Spiderman who is half black and half African American.

“The superhero genre has been dominated by Caucasian (white) superheroes from Superman to Batman,” Axel Alonso, Marvel’s chief editor, told AFP.

I hate this reasoning. It’s beyond retarded. Don’t kill heroes who people have grown up with and love intensely just so there can be more heroes of colour. Make new heroes for people. New heroes that people can identify with, cheer on and fall in love with. Don’t kill my Spiderman dammit!

New spiderman

Speaking of super heroes they’ve revealed the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman. I’ve loved him since I saw him in the Tudors so I’m happy he’s been cast in this role.

Superman Man of Steel

Ramadaan Miracles

So back to losing my bank card. This morning when I was looking for it, well… I couldn’t find it. I turned my back inside out, CSI’d the inside of the car and I even looked under my bed. I racked my brain retracing my steps and I just couldn’t think of where last I had it. I figured I must have lost it at Bona so I wasn’t very positive about anyone handing it in. I was on the verge on calling the Lost Card Division and checking if there had been any activity on my account when my cellphone rang. It was the bank calling to say that a man had found my card and had brought it into the bank. OMG! I have NEVER been more relieved in my entire life. I was so, so happy!

So this has been a long post. And I still have tonight’s one to do but I will get to that tomorrow morning.


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