Ramadaan Day 3

Yesterday morning Xeyne made egg rolls for breakfast with mushroom filling and we had wholewheat bread with that. I caved and had half a cup of tea but I honestly think that’s why I felt so much better yesterday. I’m also taking Viral Guard in the mornings because there are a whole bunch of pestilent people at work.

We had iftaar at my mom’s house last night. She made cupcakes to take away to the neighbours.


I got special delivery daltjies from the Soekers because they love me ^_^ and I made a fruit salad to add to the already laden table. There were cakes, savouries, dates and water. And also vegetable soup. That was just the starters so to say.

Boeka Table

For supper my mom made braised chops with mashed potato and avocado pear. No picture of this because they finished half of it before I even got to the table.

Mosque Time:
We went to Taronga Road Mosque last night. It was such a great experience. They recite slower than 5th Ave mosque so you can actually hear what they are reciting. And the carpets were clean! I just love that mosque, it’s clean and there is so much space for all the women. I had a great experience there.

Hopefully we’ll get to go there again when we eat by Xeyne’s mom on Friday night.

Random Ramblings:
My Skullcandy Lowrider headset came yesterday. Jeez, I have never been so excited to get headphones. They sound is great and I love that they fold up. Also, they actually fit my head. Headphones never fit my head, they’re always too big even when it’s on it’s smallest setting.

I’m storing up all the True Blood and Entourage episodes till after the fast because really, those shows aren’t fasting-friendly. That means I’ll have 5 episodes to devour! Will probably watch Suits though, seems safe enough.

That’s me for today, otherwise I’m just rambling…

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