Ramadaan Day 1 & 2

So here we are on Day 3 of Ramadaan already and I’ve fallen behind on my idea to blog everyday. So here’s a catch up of the last two days. This is our third Ramadaan as a married couple and we’ve got our own routine down by now.

Day 1
I started the day with Woolies Low GI wild berry muesli and some milk and a glass of water. Xeyne had some oats and water. Trying low GI breakfasts. I also had 2 preemptive Panados because I tend to get headaches on the first day.

We broke our fast with some dates and water as is tradition and with some samoosas that Xeyne’s cousin sent over. Then after we made Maghrieb we had butternut soup and warm crusty rolls.

Mosque Time:
We skipped Taraweeg that night because we were just so incredibly tired.

Day 2
While Xeyne is perfectly happy to have the same thing every morning, I get a bit disgruntled if I do the same. So I had 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 slices of wholewheat bread with water. Still doing good on the no coffee or tea thing. Caffeine is a diuretic and tend to dehydrate you so I try to avoid it in Ramadaan.

Had a bit of a headache so I broke my fast with a date, Mybulin and some water. We had cheese samoosas, chicken springrolls and Xeyne’s cousin (who I will now call Cousin S for the rest of this blog) sent over some daltjies and fritters. Supper once again consisted of soup and bread.

Mosque Time:
Even though I had a headache the Mybulin worked some of it’s magic so we went over to the mosque. Luckily the mosque is just two roads away so we can walk over. But yassis! You’d think that they would vacuum the carpets before Eshaai prayers! It was so dusty/dirty that I had to put my scarf down on the floor every time we went down for sujood so that I wouldn’t end up having a sneeze attack. Also, there was a stray nail clipping on the carpet where I had to put my face down. Uncool guys. Let’s keep our masjids clean.

We’re going to Taronga Road mosque tonight, Inshallah.

Today is going much better than yesterday, when I was basically a zombie. Looking forward to eating at my mom’s tonight because I get to experience the whole neighbour vibe, when the littlies bring around cakes for breaking fast. We only have Cousin S in the area so we don’t have that sense of community that I love so much in Ramadaan.

I’ll try to post pictures with my updates from now on. But in the meantime, I found pictures from our first Ramadaan together:

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