Planning for Ramadan 2019

Hello lovelies. I’m peeping my head in here again and dusting off the cobwebs that are clinging to the ceiling. While I may not be back to blogging regularly, I will post something new now and again. It might be once a week or once a month or every two months, I’m not sure what I can handle right now but I don’t want to pressure myself. My mental health took a bit of a knock last year and I lost my love of blogging and lost sight of why I did this in the first place but I’m sorting that out and things are looking up.

Anyway, with Ramadan coming up, I did want to do a post about how we’re preparing for the holy month this year. Every year I learn from the last and I find that some of the things I had planned didn’t work out as well as I thought they might, so I make some changes.

Last year I made a Ramadan Box for each of my kids but I want to scale things back a bit. So I am making them a joint basket using one of the wicker baskets that are just laying around my house.

What’s in the Ramadan Basket?

So into the Ramadan basket goes a mix of both old and new:

  • All their old Ramadan and other Islamic books plus the one new one I got for them this year.
  • New Migo and Ali card game to go with the book we already have.
  • An Islamic colouring book for each of them.
  • All their fixed crayons in a new pencil bag.
  • Their prayer mats rolled up so they can have easy access to it.
Ramadan Books

I’m planning on focusing on just two things with the kids this Ramadan, their Arabic alphabet and Surah Fatiha. I might include the 3 khuls depending on how far we get.

I plan to cut down on TV for both the kids and myself so I am drawing up a Madressa plan for after school for Rushdi. We’ll concentrate on one of the Prophets and three Arabic letters and do crafts around that for the week. We obviously won’t finish everything during the month but I plan to continue this after Ramadan anyway.

Ramadan Decor

Last year’s decor was unfortunately destroyed because I didn’t laminate it and my children are tiny savages. So this year I am using this free printable from Kung Pik Liu (formerly Sakina Design) and laminating it for future use. I’m bringing out my Ramadan lanterns again along with the coloured pom poms and fairy lights we used last year as well as our special Ramadan plates.

Ramadan Banner
Ramadan Banner by Kung Pik Liu.

The one splurge I planned and saved for this year was getting a Ramadan Calendar from Handmade Beginnings. This is something we can use for years to come so I saw it as a worthwhile investment. I chose the Sand coloured one because it would go with whatever colour scheme we choose in the coming years. I’ll be filling it with the Ramadan good deed cards from And Then She Said as well as the odd treat, small toy and money for their Sadaqah Jar every few days.

Ramadan calendar
Ramadan Calendar from Handmade Beginnings.
Iman blogs calendar cards
Good deed cards to go in the calendar from And Then She Said.

The only downside is that the Ramadan calendar is coming from Canada so it might not even get here on time because the South African Post Office is a shambles. So I have a DIY back up plan involving an A2 cardboard and 30 bright coloured envelopes and save the other one for next year InshaAllah.

Working on myself

When it comes to Ramadan I find myself busy with the kids, preparing for iftar and honestly just being tired. Every year I try to finish reading the Quran and I never accomplish it. It’s really hard to do with two little ones who are very demanding.

Gilded Dunya wrote a wonderful post called Quran Related Goals For Mums, which has me feeling a lot less guilty about not being able to finish the entire Quran. It also made me realise that I can set more manageable goals for myself regarding the Quran.

Communicating with Allah

I also bought a book called Rediscovering Prayer: Communicating with Allah also on recommendation from Gilded Dunya.

Salah is our most treasured daily appointment with Allah, yet for most of us, it is one we prepare very little for and sometimes even carry a bit guilt with us for the way we perform it.

From the one who struggles to do their daily Salah to the one who never misses them, we all still struggle to make each and every Salah meaningful and full of khushu. This book is great for both kinds of people. It will make the one who wants to pray, but struggles, rush for the musallah. And it will make the one who regularly prays to really think about how they stand, how the bow and the words they utter.

In order to stay on track with ALL THE THINGS, I wanted to get a Ramadan planner. I found a nice free one from Islamic Relief that I plan on printing.


Aside from cutting down on TV, I also plan on taking a Twitter break during Ramadan. I’ve already kicked my Facebook addiction and only ever go there to sort out things on the blogger groups I admin but I find myself wasting a lot of time on Twitter so I’m deleting the app for Ramadan.

Ramadan Food

This year I am not buying a single savoury or fried type food. Last year we had limited savouries but even then we had them EVERY NIGHT. This year we plan to break our fasts with soup, water, green juice and dates. I’ll also still be making our usual supper foods because the kids still need to eat. For breakfast I’ll be making things like banana and date smoothies, bran muffins, wholewheat toast, eggs etc.

This year we also plan to share the Ramadan love and knowledge with our neighbours. Last year I bought Islamic shaped cookie cutters so we’ll be making biscuits and handing them out to all our immediate neigbours with a little tag saying Ramadan Mubarak with a little explanation about the holy month for our non-Muslim neighbours.

I’ll be working on some more Ramadan posts so please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to focus on in the comment section below.


  1. nasheta

    April 16, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    love the ideas xx

  2. Ayesha Abrahams

    April 16, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    Live this, Shukran for the ideas!
    Also check out the Light upon Light Muslimah Organiser for your last option.

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