Surviving the Madness


Celebrating The Munchkin’s 4th Birthday

Oooh, guys, I’m terrible hey! The Potato is turning ONE next week and I’m only posting about The Munchkin’s 4th birthday now. In all fairness their birthdays are only a month apart and do you know how quickly a month goes?! First and foremost can I just get the overreaction that my baby is no longer a baby out of the way. He’s four years old! If there was ever a word to describe this boy of mine then it’s extra. He is extra in every sense of the word. He is  ...

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September Book Picks

Hello lovelies! I’m a big old book nerd if you didn’t know already. And it’s something I want to incorporate more on the blog. So this month I’m bringing you the first installment of my Book Picks for the month both for kids and I’ll throw in anything new that  ...

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The end of an era

And so it ends. After 9 years I’ve just walked out of the first real job I’ve ever had. Sjoe… Emozions! Am I afraid that in the middle of next week I’m going to be defeated by my children and call my now ex-boss and beg for my job back? Hell yes! But I’m also  ...

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