Our homeschool routine

I am not the kind of person who wakes up and gets things done before my kids wake up. Mostly because they have kept me up all night and I will sleep until the very second I have to get up. So our routine is a very relaxed one because with two little ones, you need to be flexible.

Things don’t always go according to plan but it’s good to have a plan to give some structure. I found that when I didn’t have a plan there was way too much TV time.

The kids wake up anytime between 6 and 7:30am so after Daariya has a feed, I make sure Rushdi gets to the toilet ASAP and Daariya has a nappy change.

Then it’s time for breakfast and I feed Daariya if she doesn’t decide to do it for herself. She’s become a lot more independent lately, wanting to feed herself and mess all over the damn place. So I still have to supervise that.

While I eat my breakfast and catch up on some emails, they get to watch an episode of Puffin Rock because it’s such a chill series. And it sets a nice tone for the morning. After which everyone brushes their teeth, gets dressed and beds are made.

Let’s start the school day

We start the school day off with changing the date on the wall and talking about the weather a bit. Because of this drought we’re in, we’ve been talking a lot about rain and how we shouldn’t be wasting water.

 photo date_zpseybdmeor.jpg

Then we work on one of our Surahs. We were reciting Surah Faatiha and all three Kuls but I found that he loses interest very quickly so now we’re doing one for a week and then discussing what it means and when we should recite it. 

 photo Al-Faatiha_zpschhjholy.jpg

We move on to reading after that. I read him a story relating to the letter of the week and he reads his Reader of the week. We’re currently doing This Reading Mama’s Reading the Alphabet Curriculum and he’s doing so well. 

 photo reader_zpsxlxclewk.jpg

Rushdi then has a snack break, while watching an episode of either Leapfrog SpecialsAlphablocksStoryBots, Earth to Luna or Wild Kratts. Two days a week, Daariya goes to my mom for the morning so that Rushdi can have my undivided attention, so on those mornings I either catch up on blog or freelance work and clean the kitchen and lounge.

If Daariya is around I’ll first put her down for a nap then do my things. 

We pick back up with some sight word activities, maths activities, writing practice and some arts and crafts. Now while all of these things seem very schooly, they’re all fun things that he loves doing.

The sight work activities are things like word searches, poke pages, word mazes or sentence puzzles. For maths and writing practice, Rushdi loves writing on his chalkboard. He just shuts down if he’s faced with just doing them on a page. We also do playdough maths or doing addition and subtraction with his cars.

playdough maths

Once a week also use the Starfall website for maths and letters. I’m considering subscribing to the site, he enjoys it so much. He’s getting very good at addition and subtraction.

We have lunch after that and he gets to watch another episode of something after Thur. Then we do arts and crafts activity’s like painting, drawing or colouring. I really like these ABC colour by number pages.

 photo Iguana_homeschool routine_zpstpk00q9q.jpg

Creating a routine

One of the great parts of homeschooling is that he’s also learning life skills throughout the day. He’s learning to making his bed, fold his clothes, baking, make himself a sandwich and generally cleaning up after himself. He can’t do all of them yet. Some he can do perfectly, some need supervision and cleaning up his room is a constant reminder. But he’s only four.

 photo toys_routine_zpsdccxe3ul.jpg

These routine cards were a great find. I got it for $7 on The Military Wife and Mom’s blog. I printed and laminated them so that they’d survive grubby hands and babies who are fond of tearing things.

I set them up on his bedroom wall after he’s gone to bed so that when we wake up in the morning he knows what needs doing without me having to prompt him. I don’t have to set up his evening routine cards anymore because he doesn’t need reminding, coaxing and begging anymore.

I love these cards because they’re colourful, beautifully designed and the pictures tell him what he needs to be doing without having to know how to read.

Some days we throw the whole thing out the window and do something completely different like go to an Adventure Club outing or just have a lazy day because we can and being home with my kids meant we could have more fun while they are young.

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  1. Mymona

    February 7, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Wow. you are super organised. I must say that homeschooling your child must take alot of self discipline.. which i think i lack. I dont know if i can manage all that and still cook, clean and do chores. what i love about your homeschooling is that you find things that work for Rushdi. You make learning fun for him in ways that interests him.

    when reading your blogs i realise 2 things: a) I hate that the only time i spend time with my kids is after work int he evenings when im tired and miserable and still need to cook and clean (not to mention bath them and get them to bed) and b) how i dont stimulate them as much as i should. I take for granted that AM will learn all he needs to at school and Mujaahid is 2 and is such a bright child. he doesnt go to school yet but I need to make more effort to spend one on one time with him to play dough with him, paint,etc. everytime you write… i get inspired to do something. lol!

    Your are such a well balanced mom and i really admire you Zayaan. Keep it up!

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