Our First Time to Bugz Playpark

Let’s travel back in time for a bit because I’ve not been very good at maintaining this blog. With two kids my time is just so limited! Anyway, a few Saturday’s ago we got up early because we had been invited to spend the day at Bugz Playpark. Do you think we left the house on time? Hahahaha… nope! The Munchkin is at the point where going anywhere takes ten thousand years because he refuses to go to the toilet, to eat, to get dressed even though we said we were going somewhere FUN!


The Munchkin every time we need to leave the house.

It was only once I reminded him we were fetching his favourite cousin Ahmad Zaid that he complied. So off we went to drop The Potato at my sister-in-law’s place because there was no way I was going to be able to fully immerse myself with The Munchkin if I had the baby with us.

The 30 minute drive on the R300 and the N1 went relatively quickly thanks to the Moana soundtrack (You’re welcome!) we had playing in the car and I think I might have been more excited about this than the kids.

Bugz entrance

The fun is this way!


I’m not sure why these mermaids were here but The Munchkin was happy to see them. He loves mermaids.

Rides Galore

Walking in felt like we stepped into a different world. Every inch of the place is designed not only for maximum fun and entertainment but learning. Kids learn through play and there’s just so much to do.

From rides like the little Bugz Train and the Flying Horse carousel to the free play park areas, water slides, mud kitchen and the Splash Zone, there’s just so much to do.

Bugz Splashzone


And in these water restricted times we live in, Bugz is doing their part recycling the water used in the Splash Zone.

The horse rides were quite popular and The Munchkin was beside himself with quiet excitement because one of his favourite movies is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. 

Bugz horse ride

I was very impressed at how clean and well maintained everything was. Because play parks like this that are so frequently and well used tend to fall into disrepair very quickly. I was also happy that there were lots of shady seating areas outside and even though it was a warm day I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Bugz park

Cuddles at the Petting Zoo

Another favourite was the petting zoo. Guys, I’ve never seen a sheep and goat so clean in my life! I’m pretty sure this is what Heidi’s goats looked like because this goat’s coat was so soft, neat and shiny. Yes, I am gushing over a goat. Even the goose was a well behaved member of society and you know how vicious geese can be.


Cleanest goat you will ever meet

The helpers at the petting zoo were so lovely too. They brought rabbits and tortoises for The Munchkin to look at and they helped him feed the goose lest it bite his fingers off (it’s still a goose after all and no one really 100% trusts a goose).

Party Central

It’s a great place to host parties as well. They have 3 outdoor party areas and 7 indoor party areas as well as indoor play parks and soft play areas. You can request halaal food for your party as well, which is really inclusive of them.

I’ve browsed through the pictures of the parties in their galleries on the website and they look SO amazing. The decor looks so on point, everything is really professional and best of all you can concentrate on mingling with your guests and more importantly your kid while a party host takes care of everything. We might consider having The Munchkin’s party there next time.

He particularly like the look of this one with the castle.


He also liked this castle and almost gate crashed a party being held there.


The halaal food offering needs to be worked on though. There was one stall, The Snack Shack, that sold halaal food. The stall itself is not halaal certified but they get their meat from a halaal supplier and it’s made on separate grills. 

As a halaal guest your only options are: hot dogs, boerewors rolls, chicken strips and hot chips. And seeing as you’re not allowed to bring your own food in you’re kinda put in a tough position if you wanted anything healthy for your kids to eat. The non-halaal kitchen menu is quite extensive though but seeing as they also make bacon in the kitchen even the vegetarian options are off limits for us.

I dunno, maybe they need a different meat supplier because the food was okay but not the best and for R28, I at least want some onions on my boerewors roll. The prices were pretty much what you would expect at an amusement park, a bit pricier than usual.

Their non-halaal offering is pretty great though, I’d be all up in there if there wasn’t bacon involved.

My favourite food place was the dessert station though! I’d gladly just eat from here all day if diabetes wasn’t a worry because just look at ALL THE YUMMY THINGS!!! 

Happiness can be found here.


Lime milkshakes are my BEST!

The Munchkin and my nephew got ice creams, my niece got mini donuts with chocolate sauce, The Husband got a Slush Twister (which is a Slushie layered with ice cream, I mean have you ever!) and I got my favourite lime milkshake! So yummy​!!

All in all, we had a fantastic day! The Munchkin is still talking about it weeks later. 

The Details

The park is situated in Kraaifontein just off the N1. They’re open from 9am – 5pm from Monday to Sunday and while the free play areas are open every day, the rides are only open weekends, school holidays and public holidays, if the weather plays with. 

How much does it cost?

The R120 VIP day pass is well worth the price though because you don’t have to worry about how many tokens you have left for the rides your kids undoubtedly want to go on forever.

The Petting Zoo is NOT included in the price of the VIP day pass though, that’s going to cost you R20 extra.

*Our trip to Bugz Playpark was sponsored but as always, all opinions in my reviews are honest and my own.

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  1. Mymona

    April 21, 2017 at 9:39 am

    This is the BEST kids place ive been to so far. besides all the activities, its just so relaxing for parents as well. AM has been there twice and both times he screams blue murder when we leave. Muj cants do much there but just being around all that colour and vibe is enough for him.

    You must look on Daddy’s Deals. always great discount on tickets for Bugz.

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