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May Favourites

May favourites

Let’s try this thing again. Here’s are my favourite things from the month of May.



After the mess that was Batman vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War was great. Was it too long? Yes. Could all this nonsense have been resolved if people just spoke to each other? Yes. Did Bucky ever get his plums? We’ll never know.

But Marvel always brings it. Spider-Man was great. The mouth on that boy, I thought is watching the animated series. And even though Spidey has been done to death, I’m looking forward to what Marvel’s going to do now that he’s back home with them.

Black Panther was another standout performance. So good. And they speak Xhosa in Wakanda  So good. The humour is great. Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is all of us.



I’m going to give this one to The 100. For a season that started off very poorly that I was seriously considering quitting it, it did a hell of a job turning it around from episode 9 onwards to a very strong finish.

Honourable mention to the Jane the Virgin and Flash season finales. Flashpoint Paradox!  I can’t wait for that one.


None. I’ve not read any books in so long. Too long. I should go have a look at Read and Seek’s blog and raid Tammy’s desk to to see if they had any recommendations for me.



I’m not big on make up and beauty products. At most I’ll put on some foundation, eyeliner and lipgloss if I’m going out. Weddings and Eid are probably the only time I’ll wear a full face of make up. Besides the fact that I’m lazy and that my allergies have me rubbing my eyes constantly so I look like a racoon, I also hate cleaning it off.

I got this pack of Sorbet Salon Skin Cleansing Wipes from Clicks a while back and when I went out for the first time in forever alone on Saturday night, they were the perfect time to test them out.

I don’t read things too closely and all I knew is that I could use them to take my make up off by simply wiping my face. There are exfoliating beads ON the wipes themselves so it really gets that make up off while also making your face feel lekker. It had a slightly lemony scent which I’m not a big fan of, but it wasn’t bad enough for me to not want to keep wiping my face even after it was clean.

These are available at Clicks for R50


Best #lime #milkshake I ever had #deneysswissdairy #yummy

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Denneys Swiss Dairy Lime Milkshake. I love lime milkshakes. It’s my favourite, second runner up being a Mint Chocolate Chip. Store bought milkshakes are always just your normal boring flavours or if they do have “fun flavours” they taste like something a person who has never tasted marshmallows imagines they taste like (looking at you Steri Stumpie). So finding a lime milkshake in a shop is my ever best!

Anyway, Denney’s Swiss Dairy milkshakes are made of full cream milk and taste like something you’d be served in a restaurant. So creamy! So limey! So delicious. I drank it like a savage straight out of the bottle. Not evens with a straw.

Check their website for distributors but Fresh Stops and Food Lover’s Markets tend to stock them at R22.

Kid Things


Acorn Kids Kaleidofoam. The Munchkin loves these “colours” as he refers to them. He loves taking one handful of the blue and one handful of the yellow and squishing them together then he washes himself with it. Or he lets them float free like tiny little colourful islands.

Makes bath time very fun, the texture fascinates him. The spray cans amuse him.

Buy on the Acorn Kids website for R68.


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  1. Leather Jacket Foxes

    May 31, 2016 at 11:47 am

    YES to a 100! We just finished season 2!! We love it!

    Love your May favorites beautiful <3

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