Life lately…

Heeeeeeeeeeyyy guuuuuuuuuuuys! (/annoying YouTuber voice)

Once again this poor old blog of mine is getting no attention and I’m so sorry about that. I have so many new post ideas planned for both this blog and Talons & Tea Leaves, my geeky entertainment blog but I don’t have the time and brain capacity to do it. I’ve also been rethinking my approach to my blogs and I just need to keep reminding myself why I started this in the first place: to connect with like-minded people and know that we’re not alone or to fangirl over the things that I love.

There’s been a lot going on so I’m here to fill you in on a few things.


The truth of it all is that I honestly have just been plain old and very boringly busy. I’ve picked up a few new freelance clients and so I’ve been working a lot more. Which is great because I love what I do and I’m getting to talk to so many new people and learning new things. And it’s great to have a sense of purpose again. For the longest time I’ve been feeling a bit bleh and my anxiety has been acting up. Which just makes me shut down and do nothing, which helps no one.

Cape Town Blogger Meet Up

Robyn and I are also organising this year’s Cape Town Blogger Meet Up because our forever fave and founder, Cindy Alfino is off on a grand adventure travelling around SA in a camper van with her family. Go give her a follow on Instagram to follow her adventure.


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Anyway, while I am SO excited for it I’m also hella stressed and nervous. Public speaking was always my weak spot in school so I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea. Also, who knew organising something like this could be so stressful when you’re on a budget? Hahahaha, obviously not me! But I can’t wait to meet all the new bloggers who’ve signed up and spend some time with some old faves.


The kids… well where do I even start with them? They’re generally healthy and happy so that’s a win, I guess. 

We have fallen behind on schoolwork with Rushdi and a lot of it has to do with me being busy which makes me feel guilty. Especially since the TV has been babysitting a lot lately. But when the guilt gets to me we do some fine motor skills activities or we pull out the Bananagrams and some other new board games we got lately that we’ve been loving. I’ll do a blog post on them next week explaining them in some more detail.

 photo Playing bananagrams_zpsk9zi5uks.jpg

Every day I’m so amazed at Daariya and her vocabulary and understanding. She’s able to communicate so well in two and sometimes three word sentences and can follow instructions beautifully. She is also starting to be more stubborn which means that the night weaning that we’re trying to implement is not going anywhere at all.

When I put her down to sleep, I will tell her that there will be no “boopie”. Sometimes she gets a bit sad but accepts it and other times she fights it. Sometimes she wins, sometimes I win. But lord help me in the middle of the night she just refuses and scream cries until I give in. Which I do because I’m tired man! 


I’ve also started an Etsy store selling digital items like Ramadan and Eid decor and I’ll be branching out into birthday party decor soon. Aside from from taking a digital design course I also have 10 years worth of Photoshop experience while working for Parent24.

I’ve named my shop of Daariya because her name means creative and Daariya Designs rolls off the tongue so nicely. You can go check it out here and if you want to like and follow my store I won’t be mad about it.

 photo daariya-etsy-600_zpstxjomztj.png

A death in the family

I actually didn’t know what to make this subheading but we lost a beautiful and integral part of our family two weeks ago. What you have to understand about my family is that our cousins are as close as siblings. We grew up together so closely and a lot of them are older than me so I have a lot of older siblings. So when my cousin’s wife lost her battle with cancer on the 26th of June, it shook us all. Even just typing that makes me want to cry and I don’t want to talk about it too much right now. We’re hurting and I’m especially devastated for the kids. But also that this bright, gentle and beautiful human is no longer part of our lives.

This coupled with my mild anxiety and all the pressures of work, starting a small business, housework, making sure the kids are thriving and happy is well, just a lot. So I’ve been off social media because I’ve just haven’t been in a sharing mood lately.


On top of all this, Rushdi and I have been ill. Nothing major, just flus and colds but it still puts a spanner in the works for all the things. All I want to do is take a Coryx and go sleep to get better but kids don’t want to know about that. They just want more biscuits, for you to put on another episode of whatever they’re watching or lie on top of you for funzies. 

So all in all, I’ve been having a really great time! But, we soldier on. Every roller coaster swings up again at some point…

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