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January Favourites


January is cruel and merciless month. I apparently don’t learn from my mistakes and am poor every January – however this January was somewhat worse and I’m not sure why. I need to investigate and actually use that 22seven app I downloaded. It’s supposed to help you change your spending habits and Lord knows I need to do that.

But I digress, that means that there weren’t very many favourites things month – it was a very peanut butter and bread kinda month.

The R250 I found hiding at the back of my purse

I found this in the second week of January and man what a lifesaver that was. I really need to get into the habit of bringing food to work more often because buying lunch every day is expensive! But it was great to feel not Orphan Annie levels of poor for a week (because that’s how long it lasted!)

Woolies Peanut Butter and Mint ice cream

Mint-Flavoured-Dairy-Ice-Cr Peanut-Butter-Flavoured-Dai

I bought this when money was still a thing that lived in my bank account and my God am I glad that’s what I spent the last of my cash on (can you tell that I make poor financial decisions?). After caramel these are my two favourite flavours of anything. The list goes like this:

  1. Caramel
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Mint
  4. Chocolate

Playing an Alliance character

You guys, I am a Horde girl through and through. My girl Hinatå have been together since 2009 and is it weird that I have a connection with this chick? Well, shut up I don’t care. But she’s reached level cap for Mists of Pandaria and while everyone else is running around Draenor, I’m just here twiddling my thumbs. I didn’t want to start another Horde character because I’m so tired of that same storyline.


So I decided to roll an Alliance character. Meet Eimhir. It’s a Scottish name and Behind the Name gives this meaning for it:

Possibly from Gaelic eimh “swift”. In Irish legend she was the wife of Cúchulainn. She was said to possess the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, needlework, wisdom and chastity.

She is the exact opposite of Hinatå: She’s an Alliance Dwarf and a Shaman and I love her. She’s a little dumpy like me and her Scottish accent is the best. Hinatå’s a bit haughty with her Blood Elf superiority complex but she’s still my girl. Yes, I have actual friends* – don’t worry for my sanity.


Another big difference is that I am playing on a PVE server so I won’t get ganked by the opposing faction. This was something I had to get used to because I am so used to taking flight the minute I see an Alliance character. I’m also so used to playing Horde that when I was doing a quest and there was a Blood Elf doing the same quest it took me a few minutes to realise that person was NOT on my side and I almost panicked until I realised they couldn’t attack me. Some people will say PVE is for noobs, well it’s less stressful and aggravating me so I don’t actually care.

I also really enjoyed the Alliance starting area and storyline. It was something different and I was exploring areas that I had never been to before and it was like I was playing a new game. It was fun again. I can’t wait to get both my girls to level 100 so I can get these achievements.


So besides pay day what was your favourite part of January?

* Actual Friend:

Actual Friend

Actual Friend

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  1. Robi

    January 28, 2015 at 8:26 am

    I am honoured to be featured as your actual real-life friend. 😉 <3

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