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January Favourites 2016

January Favourites So I’m going to revive this old horse. For some reason I let this feature fall by the way side and come end of a month I’d be scrambling to remember what even happened during that month, never mind what my favourites were.

So I’ve decided to structure it a bit more and let you guys know what my favourite movie, TV series, book, bath/beauty product, edible and kiddy product are. They won’t necessarily be new things but they will be my favourite things of the past month.

So here we go…


star wars

We saw Star Wars for the first time in December and followed it up by seeing it in 4DX in January. The experience was amazing to try just once and I was glad we chose The Force Awakens as the movie to enjoy it in. I didn’t watch many new movies in January that really stood out, I did see Creed which was okay but Star Wars was still the best thing I have seen in January.

TV Series


I had Empire in here but I realised I watched that in December too. Shadowhunters however, did start in January and I am impressed with the 3 episodes that are out so far. It’s an adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments book series. There was a movie made but I don’t think it was as well done as this series is.

The story is moving faster than I expected and there are some characters that I think the movie represented better than the show but 90% of the casting is spot on! Jace! Alec! Yes. Thank you. Valentine? Huh? Not so much. And I preferred the Magnus Bane they cast in the movie. But still, I was pleasantly surprised by this show.


I read two books in January, both counting towards my Project Pratchett: The Fifth Elephant and Thief of Time.

I loved both but I think I enjoyed Thief of Time more because it had been so long since I had read it the first time that I completely forgot the story. The Fifth Elephant I’ve read eleventy-one million times but it’s still a funny read. Thief of Time stars Death’s granddaughter Susan Sto Helit who is hands down one of my favourite characters in the Discworld Universe.

Body Product

The Body Shop’s Vineyard Peach is my everything! They only have it for a short time in the year and I buy it every time.

Body shop vineyard peachMy mother says it smells like toilet freshener but I think she just doesn’t know what an actual peach smells like because it’s this. Seriously, if you were making a time capsule and peaches were going extinct then put this in said time capsule for future humans to know the deliciousness that is the smell of a peach. Please don’t put an actual peach in your time capsule. It will rot.

Kid product


We’ve been testing out Grovia’s O.N.E cloth nappy this month and I’m loving it for night time use. I’ve done a quick first look at it and you can see that here but I still intend to do a full review. It really is such an easy nappy to use and the absorption is great for a medium wetter.

Edible Treats


I’ve been trying to eat better this year and I’ve cut out a lot of bread and added sugar. It’s a step in the right direction and I’m alos driking more water. I’v eessentially cut out fruit juice and fizzy drinks, which is not to say I won’t have a glass now again, life isn’t meant to be boring.

I’ve never been a fan of flavoured waters but Woolworths has definitely got it right with this flavour combo and to make it even better, it’s sugar-free unlike all other flavoured waters. I love it. It’s great! I am not keen on the other flavours this comes in though (I’ve tried Rose – it was okay and Strawberry and Mint which was a mistake!).

So those were my favourites of January and just like that the first month of the year is over. This month is my birthday month so that’s always something to look forward to although this year I think I will just keep it chill.


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  1. Luchae Williams

    February 3, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    That Woolies water… YES PLEASE!!!

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