I’m just a little bit obsessed with overnight oats

Let’s just start this off by saying I’m not a fan of oats on a good day. Except when my sister-in-law makes it because she cooks it to death with generous amounts of elachi and cinnamon. Best! I can never get it right though. 

Now that I’m back at work, I need to make sure that I keep my milk supply up and I read that oats can help with that.

So off I went online looking for recipes for overnight oats because I don’t have the time to stand in front of the stove in the mornings. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of overnight oats, they look so delicious in their little glass jars but I just don’t like the idea of cold oats. Probably just years of conditioning having only ever had cooked oats and Oat-So-Easy. 

But, in a need to be healthy, keep down my weight and increase my milk supply I was willing to try this cold oats thing.

A few other things that appealed to me about overnight oats was that it was super quick and easy to assemble and that I could grab it on my way to work thus saving me time. Which I seem to always be running short of these days.

So I read a few recipes, got the gist of the idea and came up with two recipes with what I had in our pantry: a peanut and banana one and a mango coconut one… and oh my soul pancake! 

amazing overnight oats

Let me just say that The Very Unadventurous Munchkin thought the peanut butter one was ice cream. That’s how delicious and creamy it was. He was fighting me for it! It’s like having dessert for breakfast and honestly I’m all about that life.

It really doesn’t taste healthy but it mostly is. The unhealthiest part is probably the peanut butter because we have regular old Yum Yum in our cupboard so I didn’t add any other sweetener. But if you use a sugar and salt free version you could add some honey (or not, it’s up to your taste preference).

Image credit: Domesticate Me who I adapted the recipe from.

[yumprint-recipe id=’9′]He was not a fan of the mango and coconut version though. This one has fresh mango, coconut and almonds. I think the texture was just too much for him. But it was refreshing and a lovely way to start the day to be honest. So, more for me!

These overnight oats are also quite filling which means I don’t spend my morning snacking on unhealthy things because that’s what I tend to reach for.

mango overnight oats

[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]If the oats are thick and stodgy just thin it out with some cold milk.

If you guys can recommend any other flavour combos to try let me know in the comments. But please just not blueberries. I can’t stand blueberries.


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